He believed for 15 years that his girlfriend was supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

Roberto Cazzaniga, a professional player of the Italian league of volleyball, went into debt nearly a million dollars after being cheated on by a woman posing as the Super model Brazilian, Alessandra ambrosio.

The lie lasted no less than 15 years and the athlete, current captain of the Gioia Del Colle club, is devastated, “as if he had come out of a coma,” according to the Italian media.

Cazzaniga, from 42 years old, he was convinced that his girlfriend, who called herself “Maya” to protect her privacy, was actually Alessandra Ambrosio, the famous Brazilian model from El Secreto de Victoria.

The couple never met in person and the relationship was maintained all this time through calls and messages through social networks.

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When they contacted each other during a telephone conversation organized by a “friend” of both, the impostor sent him a photo of Ambrosio as if it were hers and he thought he was touching the sky with his hands.

Naively in love, Cazzaniga went so far as to give him gifts and send him money for a total of 700,000 euros during the last 15 years.

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I have so many debts, it is not easy to ‘wake up from a coma’

Those present included an Alfa Romeo Mito 0 kilometers and numerous transfers to the account of the woman, who had to face onerous medical expenses for a suspected heart disease that took her to the hospital several times a year.

The athlete told his sad story on the Italian television program ‘Le Iene’ and admitted that the fraud had caused him to accumulate debts of hundreds of thousands of euros. “I have so many debts, it is not easy to ‘wake up from a coma,” she said, unable to contain her tears.

“One day I was in the room, in the dark. I see him cry, I ask him what he has and he tells me that he has fallen in love with a woman who is in intensive care for a heart operation and cannot go to see her at the hospital because he could get angry “, said Danilo, the player’s brother, according to the newspaper ‘Mirror’.

The scam came to light when his own teammates helped him react. They began to distrust the day that Cazzaniga he told them that I had never seen in person to his girlfriend after so many years of relationship.

Then, seeing that the player did not make a decision on the evidence, his comrades made a complaint against the woman who received the money to start a criminal investigation.

They also contacted the journalist Ismaele La Vardera in order to have him track down Manuela, the supposed friend who had played matchmaker between Maya and Cazzaniga.

When investigators found the scammer posing as Ambrosio, they discovered that it was actually a woman named Valeria, who lived in Sardinia and had 50 years.

The news shocked the Italian sports world and transcended borders.

Gianpaolo Montali, one of the coaches who led Cazzaniga in his youth, said that “He was very generous” with all the people around him, that he could train “still injured” and that “They hurt a good boy by putting him in an absurd story with surreal features”, published the ‘Corriere Della Sera’.

Paolo Cozzi, former teammate and Olympic medalist with the Italian volleyball team, remarked that “Roberto is a victim who must be respected.”

“There is no need to pity or mock: this is a story that can also happen to others because there are human weaknesses and traps of existence”, ended.

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He believed for 15 years that his girlfriend was supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio