“He is a man who no longer exists”: Fernanda Castillo spoke of her love for Erik Hayser

Throughout the almost eight years they have been together, Fernanda Castillo and Erik Hayser have enjoyed a deep love that has made the actress of ‘The Lord of the Skies’ feel one of the luckiest women in the world, something that He enjoys having a lot of joy and love, just as he did in his recent interview with Yordi Rosado.

“That man is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

How the love story of Fernanda Castillo and Erik Hayser began

The theater joined the paths of the actors on multiple occasions. The play ‘Password’ was the stage where Castillo and Hayser met.

“He always says and that is why I am going to repeat it that when he saw me he said ‘Wow, who is that woman’ and I got off the stage and said ‘Hello, how are you’”.

However, at that time, their love story had not yet started, since, at that time, Erik had a girlfriend.

Six months later, in another play, the two met again and, although Fernanda felt that their feelings were not reciprocal, Erik already felt quite nervous seeing her and being close to her.

In these meetings, the attraction was undeniable, but at the same time unrecognized between the two. However, their love had to wait another year to take its course.

The actress said that a mutual friend brought them together on the set of an Erik project. From that moment, Castillo and Hayser began to date and create the love that today characterizes them as one of the most stable couples in the business with more than seven years together, on July 1, 2022, they will celebrate their eighth anniversary. .

Fernanda Castillo explained what aspects of Erik Hayser make her fall in love daily

The actress of ‘A woman without filters’ considers that Erik is a man like few others. In her words, “he is a man who no longer exists”, something that she has proven during all this time they have been together.

“He is a gentleman, but he is a sensitive man. He is a man I admire, intelligent. He has given me certainty, stability in life. He has made me flourish. I can’t imagine a better person to have a child with.”

The deep love that Fernanda feels for her partner is such that she hopes to have a lifelong story with him.

“I do hope that it will be my whole life, but above all I hope that every day I get up, that we see each other and say ‘do you still want today? Yes, I still want’, and that we continue building like this until we are old”.

Erika Hayser added that Fernanda Castillo was a better person

The actress deepened that in her past relationships she invested a lot of energy so that her partner loved her and in being without condition for the other, regardless of whether she neglected herself.

However, in Erik she found the person with whom she felt for the first time a certainty of feeling loved, of not having to pursue a love.

This had a positive effect on her personal life, where all the energy that she used to invest to ensure a love that she felt uncertain, she could now focus on her and thus, she also grew personally.

In addition, he has always helped her improve herself and grow professionally.

“Erik was very patient and very wise in saying ‘you need to finish building what you want to build, so we can start building together.’ And he waited for me, accompanied me, took me by the hand and was by my side, supported me, helped me prepare my characters”.

Fernanda Castillo found in Erik Hayser the person with whom she wanted to become a mother

Castillo explained that she never really had the dream of becoming a mother. She never longed for him and she couldn’t even imagine having children.

However, Erik was very excited to be a father and thanks to this, the actress saw motherhood from other eyes, in such a way that they ventured together to be fathers, a facet in which, despite the challenges, she is crowned the best of their life.

“It has been very badass, I don’t think there is anything more difficult as a person and as a couple than having a child. It challenges you, it confronts you, it brings out demons that you didn’t think you had, it brings out fears that you didn’t think you had, but when I see it, when I see the three of us, I say ‘it’s all worth it, I’d do it all again so that this child was here and to go with him (with Erik)”.

Fernanda Castillo explained how they raise Liam

Both Fernanda and Erik have busy schedules for their acting careers. However, both are committed to always being with their son.

The couple reached an agreement to accept their professional projects in such a way that their son Liam will always have a mom or dad by his side. “When one works, the other stays home,” she said.

The most recent example of this is that Fernanda is currently engaged in the play ‘Seven Times Goodbye’, while Erik is at home with Liam. This fact reaffirms to Castillo the deep love and commitment that her partner feels for her and her son.

“(He is) A man so committed to me, to his family and also to my dream, that I be happy and that I can do what I like the most.”

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“He is a man who no longer exists”: Fernanda Castillo spoke of her love for Erik Hayser