“He is very human”: the compliments to J Balvin from Georgina Rodríguez, wife of Cristiano Ronaldo

Photos: Instagram @jbalvin @georginagio @cristiano
Photos: Instagram @jbalvin @georginagio @cristiano

As he continues to enjoy the success of his documentary on Netflix, the model Georgina Rodriguez continues to reveal intimate aspects of his life with the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who were accompanied by the Colombian singer J Balvin, which assured that between him and the couple there is much more than a friendship.

According to some stories that they posted on their social networks, which give an account of a video call that they held, according to the reggaeton player, with a view to great plans that they have in the future.

“The family. Great projects”, wrote José Osorio (given name of the artist) in his official account, while ‘CR7’ replicated the image and also wrote “The family”.

The reactions to these words and images were raised immediately and, as expected, rumors also began about what could be the reason for collaboration between these celebrities and among the first versions, the possible inclusion of Georgina Rodríguez in a music video stands out. for J Balvin.

But nevertheless, there are those who think that this ‘handshake’ goes far beyond the economic and indicate that, possibly, the three are collaborating in some social work; although for now everything is uncertain.

Among other intimacies Georgina has revealed these days is that, despite the fact that He is in a relationship with one of the best soccer players in historyHe doesn’t know anything about football.

“I was never interested in soccer when I was little. I was interested in ballet and going to the country for a bit. It started to interest me later because I’m interested in what my partner does, but I’m not a soccer fan and the truth is that at home we don’t talk about soccer because I have no idea, “he acknowledged.

the couple of CR7 He also considers that he has the ability to find happiness in simple things, such as “go to the field with a sheet to eat a chorizo ​​sandwich” because she herself has explained on other occasions that she knows what it is to have nothing and what it is to have everything.

“I am a very positive person, more than ambitious or calculating. Life is much simpler than all that and in the end I think things are going well for me because I don’t act with envy, greed or evil. So if you’re lucky the road will take you to places. But of course I’m happy and I feel very fulfilled.” sentenced.

She started as a saleswoman in Spain and by a stroke of luck she debuted as a model, she took full advantage of her boom after signing a contract with the UNO Models agency in 2017. Many of her works have been done for thank you, Men’s Health, Glamorous Y yamamay. In addition, as if that were not enough, she has been an ambassador for the bikini brand Pretty Little Things. She has also graced the covers of fashion magazines such as fashion Y La Gazzetta dello Sport.

In addition, she was a hostess at awards such as MTV Europe Music Awards (2019). She was also chosen as a presenter in the Sanremo Song Festival (2020). He has participated as a celebrity guest in high-ranking film and music festivals such as the Venice International Film Festival and at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021.

Also in 2017 he joined the New Future Foundation to fight for children and young people who are unprotected and homeless. Seeks that they receive education and can live in a stable way. For her social commitment, she has been awarded the Starlite Gala 2021. Georgina has also succeeded as an entrepreneur: this year she launched her clothing brand, OM By G. His initiative was a success, since he sold out his products when he went on sale.


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“He is very human”: the compliments to J Balvin from Georgina Rodríguez, wife of Cristiano Ronaldo