Héctor Sandarti presents the biological father of his daughter


Sandarti and his facet as a father

The entertainer Hector Sandarti introduced the biological father to his daughter. The Guatemalan presenter has always been characterized as a charismatic and professional man, but this time he posted a photograph with his family.

The animator of the next season of “The House of the Famous” He has been married for more than 7 years with Paulina Segura, thanks to his partner he has been able to experience the role of being a father. Let us remember that his wife has a daughter with a previous relationship, this was not an impediment for Sandarti to give all his love, respect and values ​​to whom he now considers her daughter.

Through his Instagram account, the official presenter of “La Casa de los Famosos” published a family photo with his wife, his daughter and her biological father. He, well, he showed Julián Smaldoni, Juliana’s father, whom he considers to be his daughter. “I present to you the father of my daughter,” wrote the television host at the beginning of his publication, in which he also published a photo together of the three of them posing very smiling in a restaurant. “It is a blessing to be able to share the paternity of this beautiful young lady with you, Julián,” he added in the publication.

“Great moment with my wife, our daughter, the father of our daughter, the wife of the father of our daughter and our daughter’s boyfriend … Long live the family!”, the also actor wrote in another publication. In turn, Juliana, only 21 years old, is considered the daughter of Héctor Sandarti, since they have lived many things together, demonstrating that love transcends any type of bond.

Héctor Sandarti talks about his facet as a father

The actor made an important decision by giving up being a biological father for love, in a past interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda. “One day Pauline [mi esposa] She told me: ‘Héctor, I love you too much and I love you so much that I am willing to give up on you if you want to have biological children because I am not going to be able to give them to you, so I would like you to please think about it very well and tell me the truth and what you really want and feel before this continues and that my daughter and I continue to fall more in love with you, “commented the animator.

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The host of the next edition of “La Casa de Los Famosos” is very happy with the decision he made, in addition to having an excellent family that has supported him and given him all the love he needs. Although he is not his real father, Sandarti has raised his wife’s daughter as if it were her own, which has led him to have a very close relationship with the young woman.

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Through social networks Sandarti shares with his followers the most important moments of his life. The actor feels grateful for everything he has and the decision he made regarding his relationship and his family.

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Héctor Sandarti presents the biological father of his daughter