Héctor Sandarti talks about his suicide attempt


Héctor Sandarti and the strongest stage of his life

The host of La Casa de Los Famosos, Héctor Sandarti, was honest and commented that he had a complicated childhood and adolescence marked by shyness. In turn, The possibility of taking his own life flashed through his mind.

Sandarti in a Youtube interview with Yordi Rosado, made strong statements about one of the worst stages of his life, adolescence, the entertainer of Guatemalan origin, commented that he was an introverted young man who suffered bullying and those problems were consuming his own security. So he was affected in other aspects of his life such as his school performance and his coexistence with his environment.

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“My personality didn’t help me, I wanted to be everyone except me (…) One day they sent for my mom and in front of me she said ‘Héctor won’t win this year, his academic level is very low, you have to do something extraordinary, he could lose the scholarship or we can even expel him’, then it was the first time I saw my mother cry because of me, when I saw that painting, I said to myself ‘I can’t allow this to happen again’”, said the presenter.

The 53-year-old presenter, he also spoke of the possibility of taking his own life by writing a letter to his mother where he expressed all his fears, insecurities, at that time, he was very vulnerable for not fitting into a totally different world.

”We both returned home in silence, I wrote a letter to my mother asking her forgiveness for being me ‘I apologize for the son you had’, a very strong letter, where I listed all the things in which I was bad, I am a bad student, I am shy, I have no friends. I remember I put ‘I think the only option someone like me has would be to end her life’ and I gave it to her, ”recalled the animator.

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After that event, Sandarti reflected and assured that it was the lowest point of his life and for which he decided to give his life a different direction: “I have two: either I change and become another person or I finish the story of this guy I mean, it killed me.”

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Not only was his childhood difficult, but the actor also experienced an unforgettable experience in 2001, he was beginning to gain recognition on Mexican television, when he experienced a kidnapping that completely changed his life, Sandarti was in a commercial space when a subject pointed a firearm at him and began to live a true horror story.

“He puts a gun on me, I’m very c***do, like in the movies, he raised his hands, he tells me ‘asshole * put your hands down’ and I, well, that’s how it comes out in the movies, sir (….) I spent it praying and answering his questions, he said. In addition to this, the interpreter also confessed that they later transferred him to another vehicle and put him in the trunk for a period of two or three hours: “There was a time when they turned off the car and I thought they would throw it down a ravine,” he confessed .

The leader of the kidnappers, realizing that he could not get any benefit from his kidnapping, decides to release him, everything indicated that it was a mistake. Currently the entertainer is very happy with all the successes he has achieved throughout his career, his talent has positioned him as one of the most charismatic hosts on Hispanic television.

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Héctor Sandarti talks about his suicide attempt