“He’s an idiot”: Pamela Anderson divorced for the fifth time after a year married to Dan Hayhurst

Pamela Anderson separated from Dan Hayhurst after a year of marriage (Getty Images)
Pamela Anderson separated from Dan Hayhurst after a year of marriage (Getty Images)

Pamela Anderson He has been divorced for the fifth time. The 54-year-old actress decided to end a marriage that lasted just 13 months. Got married with Dan Hayhurst in an intimate ceremony at his home on Vancouver Island, Canada, on December 24, 2020.

The news is known after publication some photographs in which Pamela appears in Malibu without a wedding ring, something that set off the alarms of a possible separation. And although the protagonist has not confirmed anything yet, a close source has assured the magazine rolling stone that has already started to process the divorce in Canada, where the couple has been living since they said “I do” at Christmas 2020.

Anderson met her still husband, Dan Hayhurs, in September 2020, just seven months after separating from her previous husband, renowned producer Jon Peters, who confessed that he had been in love with her for 35 years. It was the fifth wedding for both, but their love story lasted much less than expected. Only twelve days after giving the “yes I want”, the couple decided to leave their relationship when they had not even formalized their marriage legally.

“I gave up everything for Pam. She owed $200,000 in bills and had no way to pay it. So I did it myself and this is the thanks I received. There is no fool like an old fool”, he told the newspaper Page Six after the disappointment he had with the actress.

He further revealed that Anderson was the one who proposed to her via email. Needless to say, when he texted me saying he wanted to get married, it was like a dream come true even though he was engaged to someone else.”, said Peters, 74.

The love story between the two began when Pamela moved into a house she had bought years ago for her grandparents in Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island where she grew up, and hired Dan to work as a bricklayer to remodel the house.

However, the ex-partner Hayhurst He publicly accused her of “tearing up a family” by starting an affair with him knowing that she had been in a stable relationship for five years and had three children. Although he had another partner at that time, that did not prevent them from starting a relationship of which, at first, Pamela felt very proud: “It’s nice to be with a real man who can really change a lightbulb.”

However, apparently the coexistence has not been as idyllic as they imagined and, after two years of relationship, the former Playboy bunny she has discovered things about her husband that she has not likedespecially in the way he treated her.

The separation was later confirmed by the artist’s agent.

“Dan turned out to be a jerk to Pamela”, said a source close to the couple.

According to the aforementioned publication, the actress has left the marital home and is currently back in California to spend more time with her two children.

After spending two years living every second with someone, you get to know them for better and also for worse. In doing so, Pamela realized that Dan is not the one.or,” said a friend of hers.

And added details: “Things are not friendly at all between them right now because she decided they had nothing in common. He didn’t treat her the way she wanted to be treated”.

Pamela Anderson with her now ex-husband Dan Hayhurst
Pamela Anderson with her now ex-husband Dan Hayhurst

In an exclusive interview for DailyMailTV in January 2020, the protagonist of “Baywatch” revealed about her marriage and offered details of the ceremony: “I’m in the arms of a man who really loves mePamela said.

He also shared photos and videos from that day. Anderson chose a blue bridal skirt and cream corset designed by Janet Ross. Her veil was from Valentino. Beneath her dress, the former Playboy girl wore a pair of sturdy Hunter rain boots. “It’s the Canadian girl in me.”, He said.

The wedding took place in the garden of the sprawling rural estate that Anderson bought from her grandparents in Ladysmith, on the eastern side of Vancouver Island.

Pamela was previously married to Tommy Lee, in 1995, but they divorced in 1998. They have two children together: Brandon and Dylan. He later married and divorced Kid Rock in 2006. She then married and divorced producer Rick Solomon twice, in 2007 and 2013.

Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami (The Grosby Group)
Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami (The Grosby Group)

The actress also had a relationship with the French footballer Adil Rami in 2017. The romance ended scandalously. In a statement shared on social media, Pamela He assured that everything had been “a big lie”.

“I was scammed. I am devastated to discover him living a double life. Narcissists don’t change. Sociopaths don’t change. He has tried everything. He has sent flowers, letters… I have a bodyguard because it scares me. He has hurt me and threatened me many times.”, revealed.

A year later, the Russian striker Alexander Kokorin revealed intimacies of what that love affair was. “Rami told us a lot of interesting things about Pamela Anderson”, assured the soccer player in an interview with the Ukrainian player Alexander Aliyev that was transmitted by Youtube and that picked up the Russian portal SportsExpress.

Rami told intimacies of his relationship with Anderson. As detailed by Kokorin, “everyone was interested in what their relationship was like in bed.” And I add: “Rami says that Pamela Anderson was the best woman in his life, and that he and Pamela did it 12 times a night.”

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“He’s an idiot”: Pamela Anderson divorced for the fifth time after a year married to Dan Hayhurst