“He’s not going to wake up anymore”: Carmen Salinas’s godson says the stroke caused “irreversible damage”

“The stroke has irreversible damage, it was indeed in the brain stem, unfortunately what is the function of the body’s organism of awakening is the most affected […] Whoever becomes aware that is the most damaged, he won’t wake up anymoreIt is what they are informing us, “he told journalist Azucena Uresti about the diagnoses of the three neurologists who have evaluated the case.

Nieto explained that the damage is “inoperable” Due to the area where it occurred: “Opening the skull and getting into all the nervous functions, neurons, is putting the life of Mrs. Carmen Salinas at risk.”

Despite the complicated recovery outlook, specialists told the family that it can happen “a miracle”, because the body could react at some point, because its organs function normally.

They say the body is very playful in the sense that it gives one thing and at the mere hour it comes out with another, but there are some damages that this tomography reflects, there are no more damages so far […] The tube that was placed was full, that indicates that their organs are in perfect condition […] She is breathing on her own with artificial support fan “.

Carmen Salinas will be hospitalized “indefinitely”

Because they expect the actress to show improvement, her godson shared that her godmother will continue to be under medical care.

“It is unpredictable to drive hours because the organisms are very different, they (the doctors) say it can be two hours, two weeks, years, months.”

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The cause of the stroke

According to the studies that have been carried out, the specialists indicated that the actress had a “sudden high pressure”, possibly causing the spill.

“Hypertension, she suffered from hypertension for 30 years as a result of the death of her son the musician Pedro Plascencia, she took medication three times a day under medical prescription “, explained Jorge Nieto.

The last will of Carmen Salinas

The entertainment journalist said that his godmother did not like to talk about death because he was “afraid”, nor did he express his last will.

“She does not speak much about death, she did not speak much about what she wanted at the funerals, funerals, it was a subject very reserved for her, it was a subject that he was afraid to talk about deathHow he would like, he never spoke of his last will. “

However, for years he shared that he wanted to rest with the remains of his son Pedro Plascencia.

Jorge Nieto is a journalist and coordinator of shows for the television station TV Azteca, according to his Twitter profile.

It has long maintained a very close friendship with Carmen Salinas and his family, as he has shown in photographs and videos that he uploads to social networks. It is even considered ‘the adopted son’ of the actress. In addition, he is the one who advises and helps the actress to record and publish the videos on her YouTube channel.

On October 5, the day Carmen turned 82, Jorge Nieto was one of the journalists who came to her house to celebrate.

This November 12, he attended the church where a mass was held for the speedy recovery of Salinas and thanked the family for the expressions of support and affection.


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“He’s not going to wake up anymore”: Carmen Salinas’s godson says the stroke caused “irreversible damage”