‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ actor Kim Seon Ho responds to ex-girlfriend’s accusations

Kim Seon Ho apologizes to his girlfriend. (photo: Soompi)

A complaint on a website went viral in South Korea on October 18. An anonymous user “A” denounced an actor “K” for manipulating her into having an abortion. The user claimed that she had been the actor’s girlfriend in 2020, arguing that she could not have a baby at that time for two years (2022).

The actor, now identified as Kim Seon Ho, got her partner pregnant last July while filming Start Up. ‘TO’ indicates that the The actor asked for an abortion because he could not pay the compensation they would ask for a scandal in his photo. The girl disagreed, because she had “a weak uterus” and her doctor told her that if she underwent this procedure, her future chances of having a baby would decrease even more.

Report from user'A'. (photo: Naver)
Report from user ‘A’. (photo: Naver)

In the extensive publication, the user admits that she was convinced of her partner’s promises, but after the intervention the relationship was not the same. With her boyfriend’s popularity in late 2020, his attitude changed. ‘K’ I only called her once a month about problems at work. The relationship finally ended in May 2021 over a dawn phone call, he claims. ‘TO’.


The main character of Hometown cha-cha-cha testified about his connection to the identity of actor ‘K’ and also, about the pressure he exerted on his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion. Likewise, he apologized and admitted to having dated the complainant. Next, its translation into Spanish:

Korean actor Kim Seon Ho. (photo: Soompi)
Korean actor Kim Seon Ho. (photo: Soompi)

“I am Kim Seon Ho. First of all, I would like to apologize for making my statement very late. When I saw that the news carried my name a few days ago, I felt fear as I had never felt before, so now I can only express myself in writing.

I dated that person and had good feelings for her. However, I hurt her during the relationship due to my incompetence and lack of consideration. I wanted to meet her again to offer a sincere apology, but I haven’t been able to do it properly. While I wait for that opportunity to present itself, I want to genuinely apologize to her through this letter.

I would also like to apologize to all the people who have trusted me and who have supported me to the end for disappointing them. If I have come as far as actor Kim Seon Ho, it is because of the people who have encouraged me. That’s something I shouldn’t have forgotten.

I also take this opportunity to apologize to all the people who have worked with me on many productions for all the damage I have caused them as a result of my mistakes.

Once again, I want to apologize to everyone who has been affected by this incident. I know these confusing words are insufficient to get serious to many people, but I offer my sincere thoughts in any way that I can. I’m really sorry”.


On the afternoon of October 20, the actor’s former partner made a new publication in which he rectified his position. Again, you have the statements translated into Spanish:

“I am sorry that my writing appears to have caused unintentional harm to many people. There was a time when he (Kim Seon Ho) and I really loved each other.

I don’t feel good watching him crash right now due to some of my extreme posts. I got an apology from him and it seems there were some misunderstandings between us. I hope that no more fake content is posted and that more details about him and my relationship are not reproduced and disseminated.

There is a weight on my mind because this incident seems to have caused a lot of damage to many people. I will delete this post soon. “

New statements from Kim Seon Ho's former partner. (photo: Naver)
New statements from Kim Seon Ho’s former partner. (photo: Naver)


The young actor was in the ranks of the protagonists of the films ‘Dog Days’ and ‘Sad Tropics’. Finally, both productions have decided to reverse the participation of Kim Seon Ho, for the same reason that his accusations have been serious, and above all, true.


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‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ actor Kim Seon Ho responds to ex-girlfriend’s accusations