How are Jennifer Lopez’s jeans that lengthen the legs

In the image, the artist Jennifer López. EFE / Gary Hershorn / Pool / Archive
In the image, the artist Jennifer López. EFE / Gary Hershorn / Pool / Archive

Jennifer Lopez is 52 years old and has a body to look up to. It is known that he loves do sports and eat a healthy diet, with which it is logical that it looks this way. Also part of those healthy habits is the energy she displays on stage, where she exhibits iron abs.

But the actor’s partner Ben affleck Dress in fashion and take advantage of that by enhancing your strengths to draw attention to them, preventing them from going unnoticed, something that rarely happens.

In one of her last public appearances she was seen walking alongside Affleck and just by her presence she gave a class on how to best exploit a good pair of jeans. In this case, she used the outfit to “add” inches to her already slim legs. How? In a very simple way.

His idea was to choose pants that featured vertical stripes, but not the already ultra-famous patterned lines, but raised stripes.

JLo in her embossed striped jeans
JLo in her embossed striped jeans

But as you can see in the photo, the jeans that JLo chose, in addition to having vertical lines in relief, are high-waisted and slightly wide underneath. It has proven that they are three ideal characteristics to lengthen the silhouette and give a slender effect to the legs.

The singer completed her outfit that day with a black French-sleeved sweater with a folded high neck, which complements the effect of lengthening her figure. She completed it by combing her hair up. A mane with volume would have enlarged her silhouette.

Vertical stripes are known to help lengthen and stylize, but if they have a lot of contrast and are placed where there are curves, the lines will deform and will have the opposite effect or they can even make whoever sees them look strange.

If a woman is tall and decides to wear stripes, she should take into account that the less they are noticed the more they will help, it can also help that the shape of the garment is not completely straight and fitted to the body.

But this well-known theory of lines and visual effects was relativized by a study carried out by the University of York, in the United Kingdom.

This theory indicates that vertical stripes help to stylize the figure while horizontal stripes do not favor those who want to hide a few extra pounds.

However, according to the analysis of that house of studies, this would not be the case. A research team from this center, led by an expert in visual perception, stated that clothing printed with vertical stripes creates the optical illusion of a more voluminous body. The study thus demolishes a visual theory that has sold millions of garments with vertical stripes to the detriment of the battered horizontal stripes.

According to The Times, to reach this conclusion the scientists used 200 pairs of photographs of women dressed in striped garments, both vertical and horizontal. They then asked a group of volunteers to point out which woman in each pair they considered the slimmest. The curious thing is that according to the data collected, women dressed in horizontal striped garments were indicated as thinner with a difference of six percentage points.


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How are Jennifer Lopez’s jeans that lengthen the legs