How changed are the children! Matthew McConaughey and his wife go for a family premiere

It is a film intended for the family and that is precisely how one of its protagonists has arrived, accompanied by his. The actor Matthew McConaughey attended the premiere from the second part of the animated film Sings!, where he once again voices the character of Buste, accompanied by his wife Camila Alves, 39, and their three children. It is not common to see children on public occasions, although this has been the perfect one to check how much the children have grown from the Oscar-winning artist. 13-year-old Levi, 8-year-old Livingston and 11-year-old Vida joined their parents on the red carpet, something their mother loved, as she recorded how special the night had been.

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Movie dads, with their children everywhere!


“The three men in my life … what a blessing to see how they have grown,” Camila pointed out. They are very changed and it has been seen how much, for example, Levi and Livingston resemble their father, while Vida is perhaps more similar to their mother. Or are the three the perfect mix of genes of both? McConaughey, who in the film gets into the “skin” of a very optimistic koala who loves show business, could not help either. show off family. The actor’s colleagues such as Reese Whiterspoon responded that the photo was indeed magnificent.

Camila will publish a book in 2022

The couple goes through a sweet moment in the professional field Well, to the projects of Matthew, 52, are joined by those of Camila, who is about to launch her children’s book Just try one bite. This volume tells the story of three children who try to get their parents to try to change their diet from ice cream and fried chicken to healthier foods. This story is precisely about instilling in the smallest good habits in the field of food, for which Camila has joined forces with the writer Adam Mansbach. The book will be published on March 22.


After working on more than fifty films, such as Sahara, Dazed and Confuse or Bride by contract, Matthew McConaughey achieved glory in 2014 thanks to Dallas Buyers Club and Ron Woodroof, a Texan diagnosed with AIDS who fought against the Administration, which did not allow him to take the medications that improved his symptoms. A spectacular role that earned him unanimous critical acclaim, an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild award. He leads a quiet and bohemian life with his wife Camila, the beautiful Brazilian model who stole his heart.

After more than six years of courtship and two children together, the actor decided to propose to Camila in 2011. “I asked Camila if she wanted to marry me. Merry Christmas,” he published in December of that year. June 9, 2012 they gave the “yes, I do” at a dream wedding in Texas. A month later, they announced that they were going to be parents for the third time.

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How changed are the children! Matthew McConaughey and his wife go for a family premiere