How did Florinda Meza, actress of “El chavo del 8” look at 14?

‘Doña Florida is remembered with a simple dress, apron, rollers and high-heeled sandals. The character who participated in the series “El Chavo del 8”, and who in fiction was the mother of ‘Quico’, is one of the most remembered of the Televisa production. However, a photograph published on social networks has shown what the actress was like when I was a teenager.

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Florinda Meza, is a Mexican actress who played ‘Mrs. Florinda‘, a tenant from the neighborhood of “El Chavo del 8″ Where he lived with his son Quico, but who always had problems with one of his neighbors, Don Ramón.

A widow, with a serious character and claiming that she belonged to the high society of that time, the character of Dona Florinda won admirers and also detractors; However, all this was part of the performance and the great role he played in the series of the remembered also know as “Chespirito”.

From a very young Florinda Meza He ventured into the world of acting and over time would manage to be part of important productions, especially in the series created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, such as “El Chavo del 8”, “El Chapulín Colorado”, “Chespirito”, among others.

Doña Florinda is Quico’s mother, a superb woman who considers herself to be from high society (Photo: Televisa)


While everyone remembers Florinda Meza As a great actress, hardly anyone knew what she was like physically at 14 years old. This mystery could be revealed after a photograph went viral.

It should be noted that it was the fan page on Instagram of Florinda Meza the one that published a photo of the actress dating from 1963, when she was a teenager.

Through this photo, her thousands of her followers were surprised to see the actress when she was still a child with an angelic and tender face.

Florinda Meza with her unique beauty at age 14, in 1963″ Is the message that accompanies the photograph on the social network.


The famous actress Florinda Meza Garcia, was born on February 8, 1949 in Juchipila, Zacatecas (Mexico) but in addition to being an actress, she knew how to stand out as a Mexican screenwriter, director, writer, singer, producer and broadcaster.

From a very young age he became interested in acting so he studied drama at the National Association of Actors (), in Mexico, which helped her to be hired in 1971 to participate in the sketches of “La media Naranja” and “la chismosa”. It was there that Roberto Gómez Bolaños discovered her.

It was thus that in 1973 he joined the cast of “El Chavo del 8″ Where she played Dona Florinda. It should be noted that the actress became famous after playing characters such as Doña Florinda, la Popis, la Chimoltrufia, among other “Chespirito” programs.

In 2014 her husband passed away Roberto Gómez Bolaños whom he married in 2004.

The popular "Mrs. Florinda" showed how she waited in the sun to be inoculated against the coronavirus. (Photo: Instagram / florindamezach1).
The popular “Doña Florinda” showed how she waited in the sun to be inoculated against the coronavirus. (Photo: Instagram / florindamezach1).


In an interview for the Argentine program “Morfi todos a la mesa”, Florinda Meza He narrated in great detail how he began his romance with Chespirito.

Roberto was a conqueror, a seducer”Said Florinda Meza about Roberto Gómez Bolaños, the man with whom she spent almost forty years and shared the success of the television series in which they both worked.

The relationship between these two characters was born on the recording set of “El Chavo del Ocho”. It took five years of Gómez Bolaños persistence, for Florinda to believe that his sweet words were sincere.

He told all of us that we were his ideal woman, but how to believe him. Also, he was my boss and coworker, it was a difficult situation, but in the end it all ended as a true love story“Said Florinda Meza.


The remembered Doña Florinda recalled all the details that Roberto Gómez Bolaños had with her: “It was always a seduction. He made me drawings, he made me poems, he made me songs”, Said Meza in 2017.

After working five years together, Chespirito’s efforts to win her over increased when Florinda Meza got engaged to another man.

He started taking me a flower every day to where I was, but I didn’t see him many times, ”she said. “Even on Sunday, being married, if I was in a restaurant with the suitor, we would go down and in his car there was a flower”, He added.

On October 12, while on tour in Chile, when the two were in a bar, she asked him: “If you have a marriage, you have children and your wife is pretty and good, why do you do everything you do?”.

I don’t know, it’s that sometimes my life feels empty, I feel like something is missing“Chespirito answered Meza. “Sometimes I feel the need for someone to kiss me, or to kiss someone”.

If you want to kiss someone, kiss me“, She answered the comedian. “When I realized it, I had already said it, because something inside me was asking him to keep insisting but he didn’t keep insisting because I knew that he had already won the battle”, He counted in the Argentine program. “I had never felt a kiss that made me feel dizzy”.

After years of dating, Florinda Meza and Roberto Gómez Bolaños They married in 2004 and continued together until Chespirito’s death, November 28, 2014.



‘Doña Florinda’ opened her heart and revealed what was the real reason why she stayed away from him for so long. film and television, although he had some participation in the theater thanks to montages made by his deceased partner.

“Nobody called me. I would like to have worked the most. No one has ever called me “, declared to the press. “Once I entered Chespirito, no one ever called me again”added.

In addition, the actress described her old life with Chespirito as fragments and “magical” moments. “Our time together was memorable, because even though each day seemed the same as the other it was not. We made sure that it was different and the magical moment was presented because we wanted it that way. At night we were exhausted, but we never slept without thanking God for what we had experienced and the next day I would say ‘Good morning my joy’ and drowsy, you would reply ‘Good morning my sweet dawn’. Now every day seems exactly the same to me ”, added.


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How did Florinda Meza, actress of “El chavo del 8” look at 14?