How did Pedro Plascencia Salinas, the son of Carmen Salinas, die?

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Carmen Salinas (Left) Carmen Salinas and her son Pedro Plascencia (Right)

After the unfortunate death of the renowned Mexican actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image, who passed away on Thursday, December 9, many episodes of his professional and family life are recalled to memory.

Those who have been admirers of this temperament of women, and who will continue to be so in the passing of time, today relive each of the episodes of their life, which, despite being very successful in the field of acting, was not very pleasant personally.

Carmen Salinas suffered the bitterness of losing several of her children, and these painful moments were never erased from her mind. They were part of the stories that he always narrated in the interviews he gave to the media.

In the program “De Primera Mano”, in statements cited by TradeHe remembered how that difficult stage of his life was. “I had the misfortune of having five abortions. I cried a lot and it was a tragedy in my life that I couldn’t hold them back, “he said.

In particular, the actress could never overcome the pain caused by the death of her son Pedro Ernesto Plascencia Salinas, who left this world early on April 19, 1994 due to a painful illness that ended his life in less than seven months. and that he left his mother in the most infinite sadness.

What did your son die of: Pedro Plascencia?

Carmelita, as they affectionately called her, married the pianist Pedro Plascencia Ramírez in 1956, and during her time as a wife she had failed pregnancies on several occasions, one of the most painful being the loss of a seven-month-old baby, who gave birth to a premature, dying during birth.

Later, she was finally able to conceive her two children, Pedro Plascencia Salinas and María Eugenia Plascencia Salinas; however, the tragedy was marked for the family.

Her man, a pianist like her father, began to present gastrointestinal problems at the age of 30, and Carmelita told how she saw with great concern how her son suffered from heartburn, so they decided to go with a doctor friend.

At the time, the actress said that after the medical check-up, the doctor assured that his discomfort was due to a parasite problem, so he gave him some boxes of medicines necessary to deworm. “He took up to 30 deworming pills (…) I told him: ‘Go see a good gastroenterologist, go see a good doctor,” confessed the actress.

According The ImpartialDespite the repeated advice that Carmen gave her son, he limited himself to drinking milk and continuing to consume the medications that he thought would reduce the heartburn.

However, his condition, instead of improving every day, was worse, until it caused back pain and discomfort in his throat and lungs. All these discomforts led him to go to the doctor again, but this time with a specialist. Upon arriving at the hospital, he was admitted to do some studies and find out what illness he suffered from.

The actress said that her son’s diagnosis was initially that of having contracted a virus on a trip to Alaska, but nothing could be worse, when after a biopsy, the diagnosis was lung cancer.

Upon receiving the news, the actress screamed and fainted. The same disease that took his parents. Carmen put all her efforts to bring her son forward, but unfortunately around seven months after the diagnosis, on April 19, 1994, at 37 years of age Pedro passed away.

In aAt one point the actress commented what his own son told him while battling the disease.

“He told me that he wanted to commit suicide, he couldn’t bear the pain, all swollen from chemotherapy, there was a friend of his, a musician, he was holding his hand and my daughter-in-law puts a record player on him, puts on relaxing music and suddenly he was crouched down and the father told me: ‘Carmelita, Pedrito has already left’, I fell to the ground in a faint and they gave me the oxygen that my son had ”, express.

From that moment, Carmelita, the one from “María la del barrio”, lost all happiness, and the health problems did not take long. She began with problems with high blood pressure, a risky cerebrovascular disease that finally led to her death last Thursday.

Carmen Salinas talks about the pain of losing her son Pedro Plascencia | Montse & Joe | UnicableCarmen Salinas remembers the last moments of her son Pedro Plascencia and the pain that the loss caused him. Site: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: 11: 05Z

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How did Pedro Plascencia Salinas, the son of Carmen Salinas, die?