How did Vicente Fernández achieve his fortune and who are his heirs?

Last Sunday, December 12, a legend of Mexican music died: Vicente Fernández. At the beginning of August 2021, ‘Chente’ had an accidental fall on his ranch ‘Los tres potrillos’ in Jalisco, Mexico, for which he was transferred to a private hospital on an emergency basis.

In a statement published on November 30, it was revealed that he had inflammation in the airways, for which he required to be transferred to the intensive care unit. On various occasions, his family asked his followers for prayers so that he would regain health. However, the singer died of complications caused by the Guilláin-Barré syndrome.

Who will inherit Vicente Fernández’s fortune after his death?

The interpreter of songs like “Volver, Volver” and “Hermoso Cariño” not only left a great legacy in music and cinema, he also accumulated a great fortune thanks to the various businesses and projects in which he participated.

According to the Celebrity Net Worth site, Vicente Fernández’s wealth amounts to 25 million dollars, the equivalent of more than 500 million Mexican pesos, which will be distributed among his children and his wife María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, Doña Cuquita, to whom she left “a little part.”

In an interview for ‘TVyNovelas’ in 2012, Vicente Fernández revealed that he was a “cautious” man, since he had already planned his will and to whom he would inherit his fortune.

“I am a cautious man; all I have belongs to my children and my grandchildren, and I left a little part for my wife and me, so that I don’t have to ask her when I am missing. If my wife leaves first, with that money I won’t have to ask anyone for anything. I am a man who thinks now and in the future ”, Fernández pointed out.

How did Vicente Fernández make his fortune?

The ‘Charro de Huentitán’ was an icon of ranchera music and Mexican cinema; However, these were not the only items that allowed the interpreter to earn thousands of dollars, as he also ventured into horse breeding and even in the rental of private planes.

Ranch ‘The three foals’

Vicente Fernández always dreamed of having his own ranch and he achieved it with the property located near the Guadalajara International Airport, in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga. The land consists of 500 hectares (5 square kilometers) and in it is the main house of the interpreter, a restaurant and the VFG Arena.

It is worth mentioning that the interpreter of ‘Por tu maldito amor’ will be buried in one of the two crypts that were built on his ranch (in this video you can see all the details).

Vicente Fernández will be buried in one of the two crypts that were raised in the ranch ‘Los 3 Potrillos’

The VFG Arena is a forum where large-scale events are held, such as concerts, exhibitions, fairs, congresses and even sports exhibitions. In addition, the enclosure has been used for charrería activities. The construction of the arena began in 2005, through Grupo Fernández, another of ‘Chente’s’ projects.

Miniature horse breeding

At the ranch ‘Los tres potrillos’ the Mexican charro was dedicated, among other things, to raising miniature horses, which are no taller than 86 centimeters and are very calm.

The actor also ventured as a businessman in this corporate that has more than 20 national and international companies that are dedicated, above all, to the artistic union.

Have a good trip, my dear old man: Alejandro Fernández’s message to his father

In a publication on his Instagram account, Alejandro Fernández shared a series of photographs in which he appears, smiling, with his father and dismissed him with an emotional message.

“The lights never shine brighter in the sky. Without a doubt, I couldn’t have asked for a better father, friend and teacher. “

In this video you can see the full message.

“Have a good trip, my dear old man”: Alejandro Fernández dismisses his father with an emotional message

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How did Vicente Fernández achieve his fortune and who are his heirs?