How does Ricky Martin ?, Adamari López submits his face to change

Nothing to hide! The beautiful Adamari Lopez He decided to make a change in his face and wished that the cameras were witness to it; so there is nothing to hide, because it showed the before and after the procedure, did it look like Ricky Martín?

Ricky Martín caused enormous controversy a few weeks ago after appearing with a vastly different face, a change that social networks attributed to a passage through the operating room or very invasive treatments; despite this, Adamari Lopez He is not afraid of aesthetic treatments and he made it clear on his social networks.

The Hoy Día presenter decided that the cameras and her followers would witness what she was going to do to her face, this at 50 years of age, because Adamari López decided to apply botox for the wrinkles.

The TV presenter He shared the tip with his followers, but most of all he emphasized that they are well informed about the procedure and that they are sure that they are in good hands.

The ex of Toni Costa presented Dr. Márquez as the specialist who would perform the procedure on her face, which she showed before the cameras before and after the application.


Adamari López submits her face to change, like Ricky Martin? Photo: Capture.

Dr. Márquez shared that this is not the first application of botox on Adamari López’s face, but rather a touch-up. Both commented and shared the photographs of the also actress where the change became evident.

Between jokes, the famous woman asked the doctor not to remove her expression, since there is much talk that the excess of botox application leaves the faces of those who receive it “immobile”, a case that apparently is not that of the beautiful Ada.

It was announced that an “11” was formed between Adamari López’s eyebrows, which is no longer visible; furthermore, his eyebrows were slightly raised and there was a bit of “goose bumps” on the sides of his eyes.

The specialist confessed that the judge of Así se baila has her skin quite well cared for and Luis Fonsi’s ex took advantage of some of her secrets, such as never going to bed with her face made up.

López stressed that she wanted to give herself that “sweetie” and that she passed the tip to her followers in case they wanted to. Obviously the result in the Telemundo star was more than flattering and very far from the result of the Puerto Rican star Ricky Martín.

The transformations in the faces of famous people is a topic that causes great controversy in the entertainment world, because while some decide never to “touch” their face, some others resist allowing age to pass through them.

Beautiful and Famous Faces have been radically changed by operating rooms and invasive treatments, so some famous and non-famous people fear cosmetic treatments. Fortunately, these progress over time and are less and less invasive.

The important thing when deciding to undergo a treatment of this type is to inform yourself well, go to certified places and with specialists and do it only if you are sure that you want to make the change.

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How does Ricky Martin ?, Adamari López submits his face to change