How is a stroke like the one suffered by Mexican actress Carmen Salinas

A cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or stroke it’s a attack that interrupts the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain, and when this happens every second counts, and can make the difference between life and death.

They are so common that in the United States they affect one person every 40 seconds, and per year affect about 795,000 people, according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What to the Mexican actress and producer Carmen Salinas, this it can happen to anyone at the least expected moment. His relatives declare that just minutes before, the famous 82-year-old woman had dinner while watching on television the telenovela My fortune is Amarte, in which she participates.

From one moment to the next, a person who is well passes out, cannot stand up or speak.

This is the leading cause of disability in the country and the fifth leading cause of death.

In the case of Carmen Salinas, her employees realized that she had fainted and immediately notified her relatives, who took her to a hospital.

What do you do in such cases

And is that time is crucialThe chances of survival and recovery increase the faster you seek medical attention and detect signs of a stroke.

How to detect it? A quick test is crucial. It’s about the test FAST, acronym for Face, Arms, Speak and Time (face, arms, speech and time), which the American Stroke Association restarts, and which consists of reviewing in that order how is the face of the person, if any side of the face has fallen.

The second step is check if the patient can lift their arms by itself without any drifting downward. Follow ask you to repeat a simple sentence, and listen carefully if you can do well or show difficulties. The fourth step is take action immediately if there are problems completing any of these exercises.

Time is key because two million brain cells or neurons die every minute during a stroke, which can cost the life or leave deep permanent sequelae. AND the prognosis improves the sooner the blood flow is restored.

Thus, there are people who manage to recover satisfactorily.

In the case of Carmen Salinas, it presents risk factor’s as their advanced age and hypertension, but there are others like him high cholesterol, heart disease, being overweight, smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

The actress was diagnosed with stroke on the stem part. Although not specified in your case, it can be ischemic (when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures and leaks blood to the brain) or hemorrhagic (when a blood clot or accumulation of fat clogs the arteries).

The brain stem is responsible for controlling all the basic activities of the central nervous system.such as blood pressure, consciousness, and breathing. Experts indicate that when spills occur in this area they are more difficult to identify and can affect previous functions.

Other complications of a stroke highlighted by the American Stroke Association include swelling of the brain, seizures, clinical depression, deep vein thrombosis, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, ulcers, contracture of the limbs and shoulder pain.

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How is a stroke like the one suffered by Mexican actress Carmen Salinas