How is Johnny Depp’s relationship with his ex-partners?

with most of his ex-partners, Johnny Depp ended on good terms and, according to what they say about him, it could be said that they maintain a good relationship (Which does not mean that they are still united or in contact). On this occasion, we tell you what are the names that are part of his love past and we share everything there is to know about it.

Johnny Depp: his first loves and the only ex who spoke ill of him (not counting Amber Heard)

Sherilyn Fenn, one of Depp’s first loves, usually shares several images of the actor on her social networks – Source: Instagram Sherilyn Fenn (/sherriisme/)

When reviewing the past love of Johnny Deppthe first name that enters the scene is that of Lori Anne Allison, a woman he married when he was 20 years old and she was 25. The marriage lasted just 2 years but, apparently, the memory that remained for both is positive. Allison herself, for example, once confessed that is sure that Depp would be incapable of exercising violence against a woman.

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How is Johnny Depp’s relationship with his ex-partners?