How Jennifer López and other celebrities really look with makeup and without Photoshop

Although, when we open social networks or a fashion magazine, the beautiful models and celebrities cannot go unnoticed wearing the perfect clothes, the perfect face and the perfect lives, which, on many occasions, is not very attached to reality. . So today we show you how it really looks Jennifer Lopez and others famous with makeup Y without Photoshop.

Although many of these celebrities They usually resort to an arrangement, at least digital, the reality is that some of them really do not need it, as in the case of the girlfriend of Ben affleck, Jennifer LopezWell, they are beautiful with their virtues and their defects, which all women have in some area.

Through the English Instagram page aesthetically you, the faces of some beautiful celebrities were shown, taken from very close without any type of retouch, showing his beauty with make-up, but without the perfect porcelain skin effect, showing off her natural wrinkles, her pores and the occasional pimple covered with concealer.

“Can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of REAL skin?” The post reads.

In it appear the beautiful Jennifer LopezRihanna Katy Perry, Billie Eillish, Lady Gaga and Margot Robbie, showing off their beautiful real faces, yes, with lots of makeup, typical of a red carpet and an evening event.

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“Seeing images of celebrities without filters, showing their real skin, is very refreshing. We are so used to using filter apps and Instagram stories I use filters that totally change the shape of the face and erase any trace of the real skin, ”the post continued.

The site specialized in beauty and skin and facial health and medical treatments for such, emphasized the importance of accepting the real and natural beauty of any woman without the need to “deform” it with digital tricks that only detract from the true attractiveness. The wrinkles, expression lines, pores, and other natural details of the skin, all women have them, even celebrities, even if they are perfect.

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“Fine lines, large pores, texture, uneven skin tone, the list goes on… they are completely normal on any face. We sometimes think of celebrities as mythical creatures with absolutely flawless, almost blurry skin. This is not the case, they are normal people like us! ”, He pointed out.

Although, it is very normal to see celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Margot Robbie, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and more, showing off their perfect skin, the reality is that, although it is usually very well preserved, it could not look as smooth as shown.

What is a fact is that, with filter and without filters, It is very important to take care of our image, our skin, food and health, so that, when we reach adulthood, and as the years go by, we maintain a healthy appearance and as preserved as possible, as in the case of Jennifer Lopez, who at 52 years old looks impeccable.

Not for nothing, the diva from the bronx, performer of hits like And the Ring Pa ‘When?, Ready for Tonite and Love Don’t Cost a Thing; ventured to launch a line of beauty products and Skin care, made from natural products that, she says, she has used since she was very young to keep her skin well cared for.

The important thing is, yes, to take care of our body, Health and beauty to the fullest, but above all, to love ourselves with our strengths and weaknesses and those details that are ours and that identify us.

“So next time you start tearing yourself apart in the mirror, try to be a little kinder,” the post specified.

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How Jennifer López and other celebrities really look with makeup and without Photoshop