How Michelle Vieth has refused to be a victim despite adversity taking its toll

If there is someone who, as we say in Mexico, has “held the rod” for some years —practically more than 20, with her comings and goings— it is Michelle Vieth. His resilience is truly impressive. Possibly any other, no matter how leathery it was, would have already broken (or withdrawn from the environment) after all the things that have happened to it, which have not been rip-and-tear scandal, but authentic monumental irigotes, which have even transcended the world. weather.

It is true that at the beginning of her career, when the star of ‘My little mischievous’, a telenovela in which she shared credits with Héctor Soberón, who would later be her husband with disastrous results and rogue revenge, was hit by Michelle , who was only 18 years old and had no previous experience, her fumes rose (more so, when she surreptitiously began a sentimental relationship with Soberón, who is 14 years older than her).

So, being still very young, Vieth was very condescending with the press, even with Televisa – this is clear to me, in her days of ‘Friends and Rivals’, when I was a reporter for the company, she was the only one who was completely unapproachable and contemptuous of anyone who had the need to ask her something, making petulant rudeness, unlike Laisha Wilkins, Ludwika Paleta, Angélica Vale or Adamari López, who had a professional and affable attitude with the media (which is reflected in their dealings with them so far).

The price he paid for it was that the media kept it for him and as time has passed, they have taken their toll on his past mistakes, his inexperience, his instant celebrity arrogance from the late 90s, with really virulent attacks, digging up bones. and exhibiting it with special cruelty, something that, as I said, would have already led to another, like the American poet Sylvia Plath, putting her head in the oven. Literally.

It is admirable, and I say it without an iota of sarcasm, that Michelle has remained standing, that she has had to mature in public, and has had to pay the price of being famous (without her talent as a performer or not; after From her public humiliations at the hands of the media, what the viewer looks at is irrelevant, and it seems impossible to separate her work or image from those that have persecuted her for years.

I am speaking, of course, of the low blow to end all the low blows: when fragments of a sextape in which Vieth was the protagonist appeared sequentially in the media and networks, undeniably having intercourse with someone with whom he obviously had confidence.

This unforgivable ruin is attributed to Soberón as the alleged person responsible for “filtering” the pornographic material. Michelle herself has upheld it in public with courage and integrity, noting that the only person with whom she had relationships in her married life and recognized the place as her home.

While Soberón throws the stone and hides her hand, Michelle has managed to get ahead with her head held high, although the attitude of the media has not changed towards her, which I personally find unjustified and regrettable, because it is already a deliberately personal hunt. .

Now the networks have made her a trend, because she is in a new mess, since she put a reporter on her site who approached her at the Mexico City Airport while Vieth, who requested permission to be absent from the recordings of ‘Mi fortune is loving you ‘, she cried for her grandfather, who has already passed away.

In the new video, which appears on YouTube and has been played ad nauseam, Vieth appears walking when several reporters approach her and ask how she is, to which she responds: “I asked you a little while ago that my grandfather is very ill, That they give me the opportunity to arrive first in Acapulco with my family, another day with great pleasure “, before continuing on her way, drowned in tears.

Seeing that the video of this moment was uploaded to her networks, Michelle responded with a publication on her Instagram platform: “When someone, whoever, begs you, asks you to please respect … that is done if you are human and you have a heart. But if you are scum and do not have an iota of humanity in your soul, you do what Edén Dorantes right now has just done. It was enough, no more! I respect the press, but not those who they do this with the pain of a whole family. Enough! “. The fact that Michelle’s grandfather, with whom she was very close, had died when she went to meet him, only adds a more gloomy and fiery tinge to his words.

What is now more infamous is that some communicators, such as one of the hosts of the program ‘Sale el sol’ shared the strong message of Vieth and instead of empathizing with her and her loss, she came out in defense of the youtuber.

This was what Anita Alvarado said, who has accumulated a lot of power trafficking with slander and the misery and misfortune of others while she herself has not hesitated to take purity baths, so the commentator is little loved by many celebrities: “It should be clarified They didn’t do anything to her; she was already crying, she was sad, they only asked her ‘What’s wrong? If you come crying, the mask helps not to show it. She removes the mask, says ‘Guys, not right now, please’ and keeps walking. All Edén did was share the video of her work. So Michelle, we really are not enemies, all they did was their job, they respected you because you went your way. He did nothing; stop treating us as enemies or that we make life difficult for you. “

There is a modicum of respect and earning a few clicks or views for posting someone who cries is something of the worst kind: whoever it is, the crying of others should be kept out of everything, no matter how public the figure may be. And if Michelle has raised her voice, it is something she already had to do. Because Michelle Vieth is not a victim and her integrity should not be questioned or compromised, no matter how many years of experience the representative of any media has. And what she did, in all her rights and from her personal platform, is very good. It was time.


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How Michelle Vieth has refused to be a victim despite adversity taking its toll