How much do celebrities who upload photos and videos on adult apps earn in dollars?

Cinthia Fernández made an impact by revealing the salary offered by erotic applications (Video: “Moment D” – El Trece)

In times of social networks, there are many commercial lines that arise for celebrities. Some opted to create viral content, others take advantage of exchanges with different brands and for several months there are many figures who have opened their account in adult applications. In the latter case, for example, Florence Pena and Silvina Moon, who had no problem recognizing it, like any other job. “I am innovating, trying new things and reconnecting with that sensuality that is in me and that I love.”, the ex had said Big Brother visiting in It’s not too late.

The truth is that this Monday Luna was invited to D-momentwhere he referred to the subject and Cynthia Fernandez took advantage of the occasion to reveal how much those who carry out this activity charge. “If I have learned anything this time, it is that criticism stops mattering to me,” Silvina began by expressing. And she continued: “When they offered me this I said ´why not do it?´ All that work I did to choose without thinking about what they think, gave me the opportunity to say yes. It is one more job, I think we are changing roles, we are putting on different costumes in our lives, but the essence remains the same. This is a role that I now have to play.”

That explanation gave rise to the panelist making a note: “The cachets are between 3,000 and 10,000 dollars a month, plus commission”. And she pointed out, between laughs: “I am negotiating, believe me. They offered me very good money.” To which Luna replied: “I don’t know if it’s so good to be talking about figures, I think everyone has her cachet too.” “Don’t throw a nun’s mantle at me because we can say, it’s a job, they’re not doing anything wrong,” Fernández replied, something with which Fabian Doman coincided. “It was said of subscriptions, which ranged from $10 to $20that is chosen by each celebrity, this has already been discussed, “added Cinthia.

“What happens is that they tell me all the time that I’m a cat, so it’s difficult and I think what Silvina is saying is great because she even made a joke about the vineyards. Many people reproach her that she was upset about it, but yes, because that was something private and personal, people mix everything up, “continued the former little angel. “Don’t worry about me because it doesn’t hurt. Each one chooses, if Cinthia wants to do it, let her do it. I can do it today, she gives me the physique, the desire, I also have fun, ”Silvina closed.

Silvina Luna decided to join an app to publish uncensored adult content

In early December, it had been the driver of team flower who had joined DivasPlay, the same platform that Luna is on. “Here I wait for you, to meet in another way. Fully and without taboos. I love knowing that we share the desire to go for more. They insisted so much that I listened to them. The holidays are coming and I wanted to give you this new opportunity to meet, “she said in a video. Furthermore, he compared the new network to the one he currently uses: “I’m going to upload all the things that I’m not allowed on Instagram. I want to invite you to be part of this party because you know that if there is something that I love, it is to enjoy my body, my sexuality and that you do it too.


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How much do celebrities who upload photos and videos on adult apps earn in dollars?