How much does the luxurious Galilea Montijo dress also used by Gigi Hadid cost

Galilea Montijo recently attended the gala of GQ Men, where I wear a black satin velvet dress with a “turtle neck” and lattice details in two sizes throughout the dress, but it didn’t take long for her followers to realize that Gigi hadid she had already used that same dress.

The dress worn by the host of the morning show Today And the American model is a designer’s model David koma of the autumn – winter 2016 collection and although the design is from a past collection, the price for dresses similar to this one is between 44 thousand and 82 thousand pesos in online stores.

While the driver wore the dress for an event organized by the magazine GQ, Gigi used it for the awards gala Guys Choice Awards in 2016.

This is how Galilea Montijo wore David Koma's expensive dress (Photo: Instagram: @galileamontijo)
This is how Galilea Montijo wore David Koma’s expensive dress (Photo: Instagram: @galileamontijo)

Recently, the host commented in an interview to the media last month in October, that after catching COVID-19 and recovering, he started to feel bad and that is why he had given up hosting the morning show for a few days.

“I got scared because I started to feel very bad, some headaches that I still have, eye pain that I get and all that is because of the pressure, the heart stroke I am on medication, the pericarditis too ”, Galilea commented.

But currently the driver finds an improvement in her health, this was made known during the red carpet of the magazine’s gala GQ, where the 58-year-old presenter commented to the media:

“All good, thank God, all good, all controlled. Right now they hear me a little morbid, because I just got vaccinated against influenza and it did hit me a little bit, but all right, nothing more is a little cold, but nothing more. But from the heart, hypertension, is already under control, thank God”.

(Photo: Instagram: @galileamontijo)
(Photo: Instagram: @galileamontijo)

Galilea also spoke of the good habits he maintains to maintain his good health: “I exercise more, the truth is that I worried for a little while thinking that I could not exercise, because far from looking good, I have thought about it for health reasons, always since I was a mother. It helps me a lot to exercise, so I have resumed it and continue exercising ”.

Despite this, Galilea will still have to take care of his health, as he will live for the rest of his life with hypertension:

“I was already hypertensive. The heart stroke because I’m on medication, pericarditis too. I carry my pressure apparatus, Before I carried the heels in hand, now I carry the pressure device, but everything under control“, Concluded the driver.

While his absence in Today It was due to health problems, the followers of the morning program and netizens suspected that the absence of Galilea in the program was due to her being under the sights of the FGR (General Prosecutor of the Republic) for her ostentatious lifestyle, similar to that of her friend Inés Gómez Mont.

(Photo: Instagram / @ inesgomezmont)
(Photo: Instagram / @ inesgomezmont)

The television presenter indicated that He did not want to comment publicly on the case of his “comadre” and that she will remain silent so that they do not misinterpret her statements in this regard, however, she clarified that her departure from the morning show was temporary.

“I am not going to comment on anything on the subject. With all due respect to you who are, I the truth I don’t know about the topic. So, as I told you, from the last time I had the experience, they began to move my comments that the truth did not help in the matter, then I’ll shut up and I’m not going to say anything, “commented the driver.


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How much does the luxurious Galilea Montijo dress also used by Gigi Hadid cost