How much it has grown! Regina Castro, Angelica Rivera’s youngest daughter, causes a stir with her new photos on networks

Far is the image of the little girl Regina, youngest daughter of Angelica rivera and Jose Alberto Castro El Güero Castro, who, following in the footsteps of her older sisters, Sofia and Fernanda, Begin to gain popularity on social media, where in recent weeks he has caused a sensation with images in which he reveals that he inherited the beauty of his famous mother, who lives in Miami with. At 16 years old, Regina shared some snapshots of her last visit to the beach, where we saw her gorgeous wearing her most spectacular look for a day in the sun. During the past summer, Regi was part of the vacation your family took to the French Riviera, where the Castro sisters went in the company of their father.

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Like the rest of the family, after his vacation in Europe, he returned to school and to the excellent Miami weather that, this weekend, allowed him to put on a swimsuit and enjoy the day: “After we return to normality without telling each other I love you”, wrote as a description of this photo, where he appears with a swimsuit, green with floral print and sunglasses. The image caused the reaction of almost 3,000 of the 59,000 followers it has on this social network, one of the likes that attracted the most attention was the one that left him Paulina Peña Pretelini with whom, during the years his mother was married to Enrique Peña Nieto, lived together like a sister.

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Due to her young age, Regina goes little by little on social networks where she is very cautious with the publications she makes, although when it comes to showing off the excellent relationship she has with her mother, she does not hesitate to show some details. Last September, the young woman shared a snapshot of her childhood with her mother: “You make me feel like I can fly”, wrote the teenager in this post to which her older sister, Sofía and Paulina Peña reacted, in addition to the response of her famous mother who wrote: “When you look at me like that. You are the angel of light of my love. I love you with all my soul”.

Although she has grown up, in the family, Regina is still considered the “baby”, as her sisters have shown her on social networks where they often share photos and videos of their close relationship. Although, currently, the Castro sisters do not live in the same city (Sofía lives between Mexico and Los Angeles and Fernanda in Boston) every time they have the opportunity to share time together they do not miss the opportunity, for this reason their visit to the French Riviera was very special, as it became the meeting point: “We 3 together in front of the sea”The young woman wrote on her Instagram next to a photo with her sisters during this trip.

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Gain popularity in networks

At 16 years of age, Regina is still too young to know what she wants to do, especially if she will follow in the footsteps of all the members of her family and will be interested in managing in the middle of the show; however, on social media, has shown interest in sharing information with his followers, just as he did a couple of months ago when he used his Instagram account to share a makeup tutorial, which could be the beginning of a career as an influencer. While deciding what will be in the future, like any young man her age, Angélica Rivera’s youngest daughter has fun sharing details of her day-to-day life on social networks.

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How much it has grown! Regina Castro, Angelica Rivera’s youngest daughter, causes a stir with her new photos on networks