How much money does Raúl de Molina have, is it true that he is a millionaire?

When we think of famous Cubans, many times we already go ahead knowing that behind them there is a hard story of overcoming and hard work. It is no secret to anyone that the Castro regime, which has dominated the island of Cuba for almost 59 years, caused many to flee in precarious situations. This is the case of many celebrities, but not that of Raul de Molina. Currently, the publications on social networks of one of the main faces of the entertainment program of Univision, The fat and the skinny, and the luxurious trips he makes, coupled with the good living that characterizes his life, has made many wonder How much money does Raúl de Molina have and if it is true that he is a millionaire.

The first thing to consider is that Raul de Molina He emigrated from Cuba to Spain and from there he arrived in Miami. He had a very good education from his mother and also started very young in the entertainment industry. This year celebrates 24 years in The fat and the skinny Along with her great friend and companion, also Cuban, Lili Estefan. But these years are not the only ones he has Raul de Molina working. Previously he worked as a photographer standing out as one of the best. Currently and depending on the site Celebrity Net Worth, Raúl de Molina has $50 million dollars as a fortune and receives an annual salary of $15 million dollars.

You will ask yourself: “How is it possible if we recently revealed to you that the journalist Raul de Molina and his partner Lili Estefan they would earn a salary $63 thousand dollars a month? well simple, Raul de Molina is also a shareholder of Univision, has published two books, is the animator of innumerable special events that the chain carries out. He also does a commercial from time to time and we have no doubt that he has invested his money in some other business and property, which would be left out of the TV presenter’s asset count. This without mentioning that, even unintentionally, Raul de Molina Like many other celebrities, he must monetize very well on social networks.

The truth is, a fortune of $50 million dollars does make Raúl de Molina one of the most millionaire Hispanic artists on Latin television. The same title that the driver has more than deserved for the hard work he has dedicated to Hispanic entertainment and Spanish-language television in the United States. Beside Lili Estefan and the production of the show The fat and the skinny they became the number 1 program preferred by Latinos in South Florida and, shortly after, in the entire United States.

We recently mentioned yes definitely last year would be the last for Raul de Molina in The fat and the skinny and, although everything indicated that it was so, this year “Fat” began in January not only at the show of Univision but he did a magnificent broadcast of the end of 2021 from New York. Even so, seeing him enjoy the pleasures of life, especially his love of travel and gastronomy, makes it less of a stretch to think that, perhaps Raul de Molina a possible retirement or a change within the work and the source that he had been covering, such as entertainment, is being considered.

Like Don Francisco, a tireless worker as he is Raul de Molina, it would be difficult to see him completely away from what he is most passionate about: journalism and the media. Maybe he will do a combination of this by adding his great experiences around the world. Surely, his fans would love to see him in a different facet and in fact, they have asked him loudly in the comments section of his Instagram account every time he shares any of his journeys.

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How much money does Raúl de Molina have, is it true that he is a millionaire?