How Stephanie Salas has defeated adversity by showing that she is a much better person than Luis Miguel

Sometimes, being born into a wealthy or ancestral family is not a guarantee of happiness through material goods or celebrity. This is the case of Stephanie Salas, the first-born of the actress Sylvia Pasquel, in turn the first daughter of the legendary actress Silvia Pinal.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - SEPTEMBER 21: Stephanie Salas (L) and Sylvia Pasquel attend a press conference to promote the new theater play

Stephanie and her mother, Sylvia Pasquel. (Victor Chavez / WireImage)

Although Stephanie has everything to succeed – she is extremely talented, intuitive, beautiful and very cultured – and has in fact been recognized as an actress (and at some time as a singer and model), nothing has been given to her: to have the status that he holds today, heThe current participant in ‘MasterChef Celebrity Mexico’ has gone through very tough situations, which in other circumstances would have destroyed a person, but given that in his case they were very public things, led Stephanie to mature faster than many other girls her age.

When her aunt Viridiana Alatriste died, she was only 12 years old and it was a very hard traumatic experience, for a girl who had not gone through something like that. It is true that her parents had divorced (amicably) when she was very young, but there was always a network of support and love that accompanied her, headed by Granny Marilú (Silvia’s mother) who always took care of the smallest of the family; in this case Alejandra and Luis Enrique Guzmán and Stephanie, who grew up with them as one more sister.

The terrible car accident in which Viridiana lost her life, irreversibly impacted the whole family, especially the children: Alejandra became rebellious and misplaced for a long time, while Stephanie, who was facing death for the first time, felt confused and helpless, so she found a refuge in studying acting at Televisa, and acting alongside the members of Timbiriche in the very famous version of ‘Vaselina’ in 1984, which was her first formal role (she played the character of Pati, the cheerleader, and although she did not sing alone, she was part of the choir).

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Stephanie Salas in 2006. (Photo by Victor Chavez / WireImage)

It was from then on that Stephanie, like from a chrysalis, began to emerge to be an artist; this also had demands, albeit of another kind, which she embraced with commitment: dance classes, music classes (theory and music theory, learning instruments), theater and all this attached to the formal education that I had to follow Since both her mother and father, musician Mike Salas, agreed that if her intentions to dedicate herself to the family trade were sincere, she would have to apply herself to be a professional.

It is clear that there is a gulf between his first appearance, at age 16, in the telenovela ‘The price of fame’, starring Sonia Infante and Sergio Goyri, with her most recent work as an actress in ‘La casa de las flores’ (not to mention that Manolo Caro adores her and has been obsessed for more than 20 years with ‘Ave María’, the song that Lolita de la Colina wrote for Stephanie and it became emblematic, remember?) or in ‘The monologues of the vagina’, in theater. Stephanie prepared herself and managed to transcend an image to establish herself as a solid, committed, intelligent performer.

Another key moment that served to define Stephanie’s path and that profoundly changed her was the tragedy represented by the abrupt death of her younger sister, Viridiana Frade., in 1987. This happened when Stephanie and the little girl, two years old, were alone at home, and in a very difficult period since her mother and grandmother were facing each other (Silvia Pinal had had a romantic relationship with Fernando Frade before he married Pasquel, and this had caused a very difficult situation between mother and daughter, which the media at the time, had followed with salacious interest) and this caused a lot of stress to the adolescent. The situation was tragic and devastating: little Viridiana, named in memory of the late AlatristeShe was in the care of her older sister, who was distracted for a moment in taking a phone call, and away from the gaze of the service and Stephanie, she fell into the pool of the family residence and died of drowning.

Stephanie has never spoken publicly about this circumstance, but it was an even more traumatic situation than her aunt’s accident.; For years, it was said that the feeling of guilt and / or responsibility that the girl (because that was at 17 years old, a girl) had shaken her strongly and led her to have a very different attitude, a very severe introspection and a depression that lasted for a long time. It was in this period of her life that Stephanie began to hang out with Luis Miguel, first in a friendly way and later with a very low-key romantic relationship (it was not a one-night stand, as the series presents), which was complicated when she found herself pregnant with her firstborn, Michelle.

The story of how Michelle Salas was born and the relationship she has with her parents, it is something that has been written a lot about and we will not review it here. The truth is that it was what cemented his maturity as a person, taking full charge of the maintenance and upbringing of his daughter, without having any kind of support from her father., even keeping his identity publicly anonymous for decades, until Michelle came of age.

Stephanie Salas and her daughter Michelle Salas and Camila Valero in 2019. (Photo by Victor Chavez / Getty Images)

Stephanie Salas and her daughter Michelle Salas and Camila Valero in 2019. (Photo by Victor Chavez / Getty Images)

Become a mother for the second time in 1997, when Camila was born, from her marriage to Pablo Valero (also a musician, and former member of the band ‘Santa Sabina’), which was dissolved almost 10 years ago, Stephanie demonstrated a natural aptitude for raising her daughters with freedom and well-balanced boundaries.That both are focused and fulfilled adults is a testament to their dedication and care; something that also came to light when Luis Miguel’s biographical soap opera was released, where Stephanie was shown as “Sofí”, a character that had nothing to do with her, and where Michelle was humiliated by the writers, who even took this to the last consequences and Today, the already tenuous relationship between the model and influencer with her biological father is non-existent.

Stephanie displayed enormous dignity and integrity by placing the dots on the i’s., making it clear in the arena of public opinion (which is often the most severe court) that without the circumstances (and boy has he gone through difficult and hard things!), the pettiness, like that of which his former partner has displayed with his Netflix series and his attitudes, it is not part of his personality.

Accessible, sensitive, sensible, rational and down to earth, La Salas is a thorough, admirable woman with great empathy, which has made it clear that she is something surprising in the world of Mexican entertainment, where the one who teaches the worst stands out the most. She is a great person and can be happy with the place she has obtained, despite the adversity that did not break her: it forged her.


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How Stephanie Salas has defeated adversity by showing that she is a much better person than Luis Miguel