How to have perfect hair in three minutes according to Emily Blunt

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Emily Blunt She has stood out not only for her magnificent performance in different Hollywood movies, she has also positioned herself as one of the most stylish actresses in the world of entertainment and that is why we share with you how to have perfect hair in just 3 minutes in the style of Emily Blunt.

The British actress has participated in successful films such as “The Devil Wears Fashion”, “A Quiet Place” and “Mary Poppins Returns”. Through the red carpets to awards events, fashion and even in your day to day, Emily Blunt It is seen wearing a spectacular hair.

Emily Blunt is currently married to “The Office” actor and her “A Quiet Place” co-star, John Krasinski, since 2010. The couple not only share common projects, they also have two daughters from their marriage. , Hazel and Violet.

Get a perfect mane in 3 minutes in the style of Emily Blunt

We share the details of how to copy the style of the most simple and elegant hairstyles in the style of Emily Blunt. These hairstyles will make you look like you just came out of the beauty salon and best of all, they are easy and very quick to create.

disheveled braid

Emily Blunt participated in the movie “Jungle Cruise” that was released in 2021 along with Dwayne Johnson and Jack Whitehall. In the feature film, the British actress fell in love not only with her performance but also with her “sloppy” looks.

Take the adventurous style like Emily Blunt in “Jungle Cruise” and take it to the next level in your everyday life or for a special event. The only thing you have to do is separate your hair in the middle or in the part that you like the most. Followed by that, begin to braid your hair loosely, but only from the neck down.

Secure it with a rubber band that matches the tone of your hair and try to do it a few centimeters before reaching the ends. At the end, remove some strands from the braid and let them fall naturally.

If you have more time, you can recreate this hairstyle by making waves or curls marked with an iron or with a iron curler.

Emily Blunt in “Jungle Cruise”

Ponytail with accessories

One of Emily Blunt’s favorite hairstyles is undoubtedly the one she wore to the 2021 Met Gala with the theme of American fashion. Without a doubt, the British actress stole thousands of sighs on the carpet of one of the most important events in the world of fashion. Not only her makeup and costumes were impeccable, but her hairstyle took much of the limelight.

To achieve this hair look, all you have to have is a brush with very close bristles, setting spray (or gel), hairpins in the same color as your hair, one or more resistant rubber bands and a headband or tiara. The first thing you have to do is brush all your hair back and secure it with a rubber band. Then make sure to fix with spray or gel so that no hair is loose. Following this, take one of the strands and use it to hide the rubber band you used to hold the tail, then secure the strand with a bobby pin. To finish, add a headband or a tiara to elevate the result.

As an extra you can use extensions to make your hair look longer and more abundant.

Met Gala Instagram

bun with braid

Undoubtedly one of Emily Blunt’s easiest hairstyles, after wearing it down, is the infallible braided bun. This hairstyle is ideal to wear on a daily basis or even for special events.

To copy this style you must start by parting your hair in the middle and brushing it towards the nape of the neck. If you want, you can use any type of fixative to have a more stylized hairstyle, or leave it natural to look more casual. After bringing your hair down start braiding as you normally would, but this time you won’t leave the braid loose. Secure it with a rubber band and twist it to create a bun. Once the result is achieved, you can secure it with another league or with several pins.


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How to have perfect hair in three minutes according to Emily Blunt