How was Gabriela Spanic’s wedding?

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Gaby Spanic and her soap opera bods

Venezuelan actress Gabriela spanicis called “the queen of soap operas”, each production that participates is a sure success, although that same luck does not accompany her in love, but who was her only husband?

Although there are few ex-partners that Spanic has had, with only one he walked to the altar, it is the Venezuelan actor Miguel de Leonboth met in 1994 when they were recording the soap opera “Maria Celeste”, but it was a year later when they coincided in the melodrama “Como tú, nada”, an extensive two-year production that made star in their own love story.

The fairy tale wedding

Wedding Gaby Spanic and Miguel de León | Flashback VenevisionFlashback Special Edition Broadcast by Venevisión on 05/15/2021 Instagram SpanicLeon_2021-05-24T03:41:30Z

After two years of courtship in 1997, the actors, Gabriela Spanic and Miguel de León, were married in a spectacular wedding televised by the program “Super Saturday Sensational” The marriage ceremony took place in the city of Ortiz, del Guárico state, where Spanic is originally from. At that time, Gaby was 23 years old when she said “yes” before the eyes of Venezuela and America.

The mishap at your wedding

The theme of Gaby Spanic’s wedding has been in force on social networks with some memes that recount the uncomfortable moment that the artist lived about 25 years ago. During her drive to the temple gate, there was a minor accident involving one of the carriage wheels. Gaby almost fell but her father managed to take her and thus avoid any kind of accident at her wedding.

A marriage of seven years

Shortly after their marriage, Gaby receives the proposal to star in “Usurpadora” in Mexico, the newlyweds agree to move to the Aztec country. The actress’s career took a 180-degree turn when she achieved internationalization after her personification of ‘Paola’ and ‘Paulina’, in the most famous melodrama of recent times. For her part, de León, who was also her companion He obtained a small role in this Televisa production, he took the opportunity to build a career on Mexican television where he participated in productions such as “Gotita de amor” and ” Nunca te Olvidare “.

After seven years and after their incredible wedding, the couple divorced in 2002, although at the time it was rumored that the breakup was caused because Spanic allegedly fell in love with the actor José Ángel Llamas, his then co-star in “Revenge”. ”.

Gaby currently lives her single life very calmly, she has been dedicated to raising her firstborn and also to her professional career, she will return to the small screen again with her character of “Elisa” in the melodrama “Warring Heart”.

From Right Now we applaud the career of Gaby Spanic, a woman who has shown that despite the controversy, the love for her family and her fans drives her to continue with new projects for her career.

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How was Gabriela Spanic’s wedding?