How was the first chapter of The House of Famous 2?

How was the first chapter of The House of Famous 2?


Emotion of the first chapter of The House of the Famous

The most famous house on Hispanic television has already opened its doors and welcomed its 17 celebrities who will be present at The House of the Famous to show who is the strongest in the competition. This season’s animators Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gállego kicked off this new edition of Telemundo’s reality show.

“We are here, this has already started. Welcome” were the words with which the entertainer Héctor Sandarti received the Hispanic family, the emotion and adrenaline of the moment made this entrance memorable, without a doubt a season that will keep us glued to the screens of Telemundo.

Alicia Machado turns on the lights in the house

The most memorable moment without a doubt was when the Venezuelan actress, Alicia Machado, came to the competition to turn on the lights of the house, the ex-beauty queen was excited for this new edition, “this second season full of love, blessings and entertainment for all the families that this show from La Casa de Los Famosos and for them (the contestants) is an unforgettable life experience” were the words of Machado charged with a cry of glory, making a triumphal entrance and having a special participation. Here we could see a completely renovated house with a new design and new rules that are here to stay.

Celebrities enter the competition

The Mexican actor, Salvador Serboni, gave a presentation of soap operas, “I have represented many characters in my life, but there are people who say that the villains suit me better, what do you think?”, were the words of the interpreter about his admission to the competition.

Natalia Alcocer, better known as “La Vikinga”, the beautiful reality show star assured that she does not support hypocrisy. “I can’t make you come and talk to me nicely and turn around and they want to stick the knife in my back”, she also assured that she will always be connected with her daughters, on the other hand, I touch the most human side when talking about domestic violence being a strong woman who comes to give everything within the competition.

Luis “Potro” Caballero is the king of reality shows, our “Potro” assured that he is a “Latin lover”, “where I put the eye I put the bullet” commented Luis Caballero, he also confessed that he is a very competitive and fiery person, we will see how he will get out of his boxes more than once.

The fourth member who met the house was the dancer Toni Costa, “this challenge of La Casa de Los Famosos is thanks to you… where there is strategy, where there is competitiveness with personalities, there I am”, were some of Costa’s words inside of reality.

Brenda Zambrano assured that she is coming to The House of the Famous to win and she is a competitive woman, “I hope that in The House of Celebrities there are many leading men and not because I am looking for one but I want them to wash the dishes, make the beds and do everything necessary because I don’t know how to do anything, They do everything to me ”, was the warning that the Mexican gave.

The other participant who was present was the Dominican Lewis Mendoza, “I see that the experience of La Casa de Los Famosos is going to be something unforgettable, if I am in love, no, I am a hummingbird”, referring to the fact that he is willing to find and have A relationship.

This group of 6 participants were the first to meet in the house, as they were super excited to be all together and see each other for the first time, without a doubt we saw Brenda and Lewis very happy when they entered, it will be What will start some chemistry? among them ?

Celebrities meet inside the house

Osvaldo Ríos was the next actor to enter the competition, “my career has been as intense and as passionate as me”, were the words of the interpreter about his presentation on the program, his humanitarian side has positioned him as a man with a good heart

Julia Gama was the eighth to enter the most famous house on Hispanic television and meet with her peers, the beauty queen originally from Brazil left the following: “I shared a house with many people, it will be a very big challenge… to my colleagues don’t even think of touching my food”. In turn, to confess what she would like to get out of reality married.

The Argentine, Nacho Casano, assured that he is a competitive person, and he comes to give everything within the reality show. The actor was the ninth participant to meet and meet his companions and the new facilities of the house.

Daniella Navarro made a presentation showing her Venezuelan seal, “I am very sweet, but if you mess with my daughter, you don’t know”, because despite her great performances on the small screen, entering La Casa de Los Famosos is a great challenge for your life.

The third group of celebrities to meet again

Laura Bozzo returned to Telemundo as the new tenant of La Casa de Los Famosos, “I don’t need an introduction, I’m Laura Bozzo, the crazy one, the one who is pursued by the scandal, the one who is always in trouble, I have been a survivor”, they were the words of the Peruvian presenter who has been the subject of discussion in public opinion “Take care of the unfortunates!”, commented the Peruvian lawyer.

Rafael Nieves the boxer and actor who entered the competition, “I don’t like bullying, I don’t like mistreatment, so keep it in mind inside the house”, because he is willing to win and steal the heart of one or another partner .

The businesswoman Mayeli Alonso, “I can say that I am a warrior, a single mother, and that I am finally realizing my American dream”, because she also does not mince words and is very direct when it comes to saying what she thinks.

Juan Vidal was the next participant to enter to meet with his colleagues, “Kabbalah helps me find that center, to find that peace”, as he also revealed that he does not tolerate hypocrisy and that he comes ready to win.

Ivonne Montero and Eduardo Rodríguez together

IVONNE MONTERO ARRIVES AT THE HOUSE OF THE CELEBRITIES 2! THE HOUSE OF FAMOUS TELEMUNDO – LIVE#lacasadelosfamosos #telemundo IVONNE MONTERO ARRIVES AT THE HOUSE OF FAMOUS 2! THE HOUSE OF FAMOUS TELEMUNDO – LIVE Brenda Zambrano Daniella Navarro Eduardo Rodriguez Ivonne Montero Juan Vidal Julia Gama Laura Bozzo Lewis Mendoza Luis Potro Caballero Mayeli Alonso Nacho Casano Natalia Alcocer Niurka Marcos Osvaldo Rios Rafael Nieves Salvador Zerboni Toni…2022-05-11T00:44:37Z

Ivonne Montero and Eduardo Rodríguez met together on stage with Sandarti where a chemistry arose between them, but we were able to learn more about Ivonne, she was very excited to return to Telemundo and be a transparent woman who will have a lot to contribute to this new edition. For his part, the actor, Eduardo Rodríguez, recounted his great passion for sports and the great moment he is experiencing as a father and actor makes him feel proud.

Niurka Marcos the last participant to enter reality

the long awaited Niurka Marcos made his grand entrance The House of the Famous, because she herself called herself the reality star, “I was born successful, talented, famous with a camera” was the extravagant entry of “The scandal woman”, she also assured that for all those who criticize her, they continue to hate her. The queen of scandal showed her most vulnerable side and was so moved by the support of her children on the show, as well as being grateful to her fans and very nervous about this experience in her life.

The 17 celebrities gathered to start the competition, as the boss gave them a great welcome and with toasts in hand, this season began with a great start.

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How was the first chapter of The House of Famous 2?