How, when and where? Francisca revealed the details of her religious wedding with Francesco Zampogna

After several weeks of waiting to find out when he will unite his life with that of Francesco in a religious ceremony, Francisca finally revealed the day in which eternal love will be sworn before the eyes of God. The Dominican shared the date of her wedding, as well as some details of her long-awaited wedding.

During the show this Monday, the former beauty queen began a series of videos called My Wedding Diaryin which she will share her journey towards her religious marriage with the Italian-American businessman.

“The time has come to tell them where the wedding is going to be, who the guests are,” joked the Dominican, and then revealed the long-awaited announcement: “It’s this Friday,” she said.

Change of plans: Francisca spoke of her religious wedding in the Dominican Republic and not in Italy

Among the excitement of her companions on the show, Francisca shared that her long-awaited wedding will take place this friday may 6 in the city of La Romana Dominican Republica place by the sea and a few hours away from his native Azua.

On this very special day for our presenter, the Despierta América cameras will be present to bring all the viewers and followers of the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015 the details of the wedding.

“Happy to complete that chapter already. I am very happy, and that you are a part fills my heart, I can not wait for Friday, “the presenter shared very excited.

Baby Gennaro’s first time in the house where Francisca grew up

In the first episode of the series El Diario de Mi Boda, Francisca took us on a trip to the Dominican Republic with the aim of showing his son, little Gennaro, “where his mother comes from”, in addition to telling the purpose for which he is sharing these videos.

“We are doing this wedding diary because you who see us are a very important part of my story. I want, in a certain way, that through my house Despierta América, you live every detail, every emotion, every moment… Later we come with the dress, we come with many things so that you feel that you are there, living it with me”, he pointed.

The presenter traveled to her native country to officially present baby Gennaro with all her family and acquaintances before the big day: “It makes me very excited because it is the first time I’m going to take my son so that I can meet my brothers, the neighbors. I hope not to cry because that is not the idea, but I hope that with Diosito everything will turn out well, “he said.

The Dominican took us to the store where they made the little suit that her son will wear on the wedding day, and where she received many congratulations as well as words of pride from her countrymen who praised the story of overcoming of Francesca.

Baby Gennaro was well received by his uncles and cousins ​​in House of Doña Divina Monterowhere there was an atmosphere of emotion and happiness of having the whole family together, and for being the first time that Francisca’s son was in the land where she was born:

“Taking my son was very special. He went to my mother’s house, he was with her little cousins ​​for the first time, ”the former beauty queen shared.

Francesco almost cried when he arrived for the first time with baby Gennaro at the house where Francisca grew up in Azua

Francesco Zampogna was moved to visit the house where Francisca grew up

In addition to taking Gennaro, Francisca was accompanied on this special trip by Francesco Zampognawho expressed his emotion to see the place of the roots of his beloved wife.

“When I entered, my eyes filled with tears for everything that Francisca has built in her life, for the love of her family. I felt like when we returned to Italy, my family there, it’s the same thing, “shared the businessman and Gennaro’s father.

The presenter of Despierta América and her husband were received with several of the typical dishes of the Dominican Republic, including stewed goat, which caused Francisca’s emotion and conquered Francesco’s palate.

The countdown begins and during this week, Francisca will share with her family from the morning show, as well as with all the viewers, wedding detailsparty planning, dress search, guest list and more.

Francesco has Francisca’s wedding dress in custody and she doubts if that is bad luck

The love story of Francisca and Francesco Zampogna

Before the cameras of Despierta América, the presenter and the businessman have spoken about how did your romance start. Francisca revealed the exact moment she met Francesco and how she realized they would be right for each other.

Francisca said that they coincided in a salon where Francesco was cutting his hair, and after that meeting they saw each other again at a party, in which the chemistry happened:

“I fell in love with him that same day because of how generous he was in every way. He realized everything and began to put things and food on the table for me, to try to understand me from day one,” explained the former queen of Our Latin Beauty.

“You look sexy”: Francesco Zampogna told his version of how Francisca Lachapel made him fall in love

That approach that occurred in the hairdresser ended in an intense romance that led them to the altar. During his trip to Dubai in December 2018, Francesco proposed to Franciscaand a year later secretly married in an intimate ceremony in Naples, Florida, where they were accompanied by their closest loved ones.

In January 2021, the Dominican announced her pregnancya dream come true that filled her with much happiness, which was filled with even more joy when, on July 7 of the same year, baby Gennaro Zampogna was born.

What the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015 lacked was having her wedding in the church, and after several months of postponing her religious wedding, it was finally the February 14th happened when he announced that finally, this 2022 would marry by the law of God, a desire that will be fulfilled this friday may 6.

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How, when and where? Francisca revealed the details of her religious wedding with Francesco Zampogna