Husband of Ana Karina Soto, Alejandro Aguilar, suffered an accident

During the last days, the presenter Ana Karina Soto has had to face several scares and difficult farewells. The death of her mother Juana de Dios Arévalo, who was hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit for several days, and the spectacular accident suffered by her husband, Alejandro Aguilar, while riding his bicycle.

The actress was in the capital of Norte de Santander when her husband was hit by a car on the morning of Wednesday, May 4.

Alejandro Aguilar accompanied Ana Karina for a few days. However, he was forced to return to Bogotá due to work commitments, a city where he suffered a crash while driving.

Fortunately, Aguilar came out of the accident with some scrapes and sore legs. According to what he shared on his social networks, the incident did not escalate.

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How was the accident?

Alejandro Aguilar, known for his appearance in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, was traveling around the city on a bicycle when he was hit by a car. The blow was so strong that his “horse on two wheels” was destroyed.

“He got in the way and closed me, the man stopped but it could have been worse,” Aguilar continued in his Instagram stories, in which he spoke about the accident. In addition, he recalled the importance of carrying the necessary safety elements to ride a bicycle, and He stressed that having the helmet helped him avoid receiving a more serious blow.

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After the accident, Aguilar suffered a blow to his right leg, which caused his knee to become inflamed. Although the scare was very strong, the actor born in Ibagué says that after the incident, he went to work, however, when he returned home the pain increased.

“I had the audacity to go to rehearsal like this and I had a terrible night, showering if I felt the scratches and bumps on my leg,” said ‘El Cachi’ of ‘Rosario Tijeras’.

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For her part, Ana Karina Soto is still in Cúcuta and He paid tribute to his mother through his Instagram account after her death on the afternoon of May 5. This was joined by Aguilar, who made a heartfelt publication regarding the death of his mother-in-law.

Both expressed affection for Mrs. Juana de Dios Arévalo, in particular the presenter who wrote that “now I have a super little angel who will take care of everything from wherever I am.”

Ana Karina Soto’s mother had an unfortunate fall down some stairs on April 24 and had hit her head.

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Finally, the Tolimense wrote on his personal Instagram account: “The pain is always for those who continue pedaling.”

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Husband of Ana Karina Soto, Alejandro Aguilar, suffered an accident