“I did the best I could”: Ana María Canseco reacts after the sensitive death of her mother

After the death of his mother, on October 23, Ana Maria Canseco used social networks to thank the support and all the love demonstrations on the part of his friends, colleagues and followers, but above all to be honest about how he feels about this pain and sadness that he is experiencing.

This Monday, the presenter wrote a message detailing how Ms. Ara spent the last days of her life, in addition to pointing out how she copes with this great loss in her life:

“Dear friends, thank you for all your messages full of affection and love … I am calm because I did my best to make sure that these last days she did not suffer … I know that now that she is not physically there I will have to learn to live without her and feel her affection in a different way. ” he wrote the text accompanied by a photograph that was taken by his mother.

Last Saturday, the collaborator of Despierta América shared with her followers the sensitive news of the death of doña Ara, who a little over a year ago was diagnosed with the disease of Parkinson’s; however, his health was complicated when they also detected him Alzheimer’s.

“With immense sadness today we had to say goodbye to my mother. Words cannot describe how much we will miss her. Ara was a more than special being! “, He wrote at the beginning of the publication in which he listed the qualities of his mother and pointed out that now he would rest from his illnesses:” Today the pain is finally over, I know it will not be easy for those of us who are here, but she, I’m sure, is at peace and in the company of those who, like her, were ahead of us ”.

Ana María Canseco and her mother’s illness

Just over a year ago, Ana María put her career on hiatus and left everything she had in Miami to move to San Antonio, Texas, with the sole purpose of being close to her mother to provide her support and affection due to her illnesses, taking care of her until the last moment.

In July 2020, in the virtual show ‘Happy Hour with Karla Martínez’, Ana María revealed in an interview the reasons for her decision after 23 years of living in Miami:

“My dream right now is to accompany my mother on this trip, to live what remains of her life, I hope it will be many years. May he be very happy, to be able to give him and put him in a house in San Antonio, make it the house of his dreams, “said the presenter.

In that interview, Canseco explained that his mother had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for a long time, but that during 2020 he had been fast forward, so I wanted to spend that stage next to her.

Ana María’s youth next to her mother

Ana María has pointed out that when she was young she came to think that Doña Ara was her sister and not her mother, as she had become pregnant from an early age, so her Grandma she was the one who adopted her as her own daughter.

“Before I could not talk about this without crying because it brought me a lot of suffering and pain, now I see that I was doubly blessed, because not only do I have my uncles, who are my brothers, but I also have my brothers” .

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“I did the best I could”: Ana María Canseco reacts after the sensitive death of her mother