“I didn’t imagine being a saint”: Aleida Núñez talks about her prayer to find a millionaire boyfriend like her

After some photographs were made public where you can see Aleida Nunez Accompanied by a man in Dubai, the actress spoke in an interview with Despierta América about her New relationship and the viral title that singles have attributed to it.

To receive the year 2022, the Mexican traveled accompanied by, at that time, a mysterious heartthrob. The images where she is seen embraced and happy next to whom many said was her ‘sugar daddy’, that is, a old man who is in a relationship with someone younger than him.

Aleida Núñez responded to the question about whether she or her partner, Bubba Saulsbury, a millionaire businessman from Texas, resented being referred to in this way:

“The truth is that I take it really very relaxed, he too because I know what I am and obviously so does he. I think that term, that title, has nothing to do with what he and I have, and the most important thing is that we know it and that’s it,” he said.

Aleida Núñez responds to rumors that she is launching a romance with an older man

Aleida Núñez tells how she met businessman Bubba Saulsbury

Although she is reserved about her love life, Aleida spoke a little about the American businessman who stole her heart, saying how she met him and denying that it was not the millionaire’s money that made her decide to be by his side:

“When I met him, I know that many people will not believe it, but I met him as a person, as a human being, and obviously later I found out about all this, but that’s the least of it, I really believe that today The most important thing is to be with a man who pampers you, who treats you well, who treats you like a queen in every way,” he said.

Likewise, the actress ruled that, at 41 years old, she no longer takes relationships as a couple at first, since she has learned to choose the right man with whom she can share her life and love healthily:

“I decided at some point in my life not to be with toxic partners, and I want to be with a person with whom I can really share in the healthiest way, have fun and enjoy life, and that is what we are doing.”


“Santa Aleida Núñez”, the patron saint of singles

Because she has been seen to be extremely happy with this new relationship, her followers already worship her and have even written to her a sentence with which they ask for the love of a millionaire like hers, to which the actress said that “I imagined everything, except being a saint”, and took the opportunity to send a message to singles in search of their ideal love:

“I tell them that we have to pray every day, but not only to find a good person in life, but also to thank life for the fact that we have health, love, that we can find a person who really wants to take care of us, who make them happy, that’s the most important thing in life. What good would it do for you to have a person who has many millions if he is not going to treat you well? That would be horrible, frightening, “said the artist.

Aleida revealed that it is the first time she has had a distance relationship and took the opportunity to talk about how she and her partner do to keep love alive if he is in Texas and she is in Mexico working:

“I do not know what is going to happen. I am recording the telenovela ‘Corazón Guerrero’ in Mexico, so he, between his business and occupations, and I in mine, the reality is that many times he has come to see me in Mexico. We already had a trip together. I think that whenever you want, you will be able to. The day we no longer want it, then it will no longer be possible, ”he said.

The luxurious vacations of Aleida Núñez in Asia accompanied by Bubba Saulsbury

Through her social networks, the Mexican shared incredible postcards of the trip she made to the Asian continent, and although there was not a single one where the Texan businessman appeared, Aleida’s followers discovered that it was Bubba who had published some photographs next to the actress .

The images cause quite a stir for the age difference what is between the two; Bubba, 51, was listed as the “sugar daddy” of Aleida, 41. However, the artist decided to clarify the rumors about her love life on January 20 through a Mexican program:

“I met him at the end of October. We were introduced by a mutual friend. Not online as they are declaring it, “he said at the time.

The truth is that Aleida Núñez is enjoying this new facet in her life and is giving herself the opportunity to love again while living her passion for acting now immersed in the recordings of the melodrama ‘Warrior heart’, starring Alejandra Espinoza.


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“I didn’t imagine being a saint”: Aleida Núñez talks about her prayer to find a millionaire boyfriend like her