“I don’t want him to see me as his wife, I prefer that he see me as his girlfriend”: For Shakira it was not a simple whim not to marry Gerard Piqué and these were her reasons | People | Entertainment

A signed paper that tie the love of your lifeit was not the end I was looking for Shakira to be next to Gerard Piqué. The most acclaimed Latin artist on the international stage, she fell in love with the handsome and famous Spanish member of her country’s national team, a man that the Colombian did not know until she recorded the video for the song “Waka Waka”.

The interest was reciprocal, and love was born at first sight, starting a romance that many of his millions of fans believed would last forever. No one could think that the most beloved couple in the show, end their relationship.

For years, the headlines of the pink press wondered why Shakira and Piqué did not reach the altar, after forming a home for more than a decade with two children. And the answers of both celebrities always justified that it was not necessary.

The reasons Shakira had for not marrying Gerard Piqué

In 2020, Shakira Next to his love, Gerard Piqué gave an interview a month before starring in the great halftime show at the Super Bowl, recalled the portal of RTVE.

From the American program “60 Minutes”, the Colombian was radiant and happy answering the presenter’s questions in a talk in which the repeated question was not lacking: why did Shakira and Gerard Piqué never get married?

Some understood that the singer was reluctant to go through the altar, and although it seems strange, it was partly so. However, it was not a simple whim that moved the interpreter of “Hips Do n’t Lie”, to never want to think about marriage, she had compelling reasons.

And so she revealed in the interview, when she explained the reasons that led her to do without a wedding with the father of her two children.

“To tell you the truth, marriage scares the hell out of me. I don’t want him to see me as the wife. I prefer that she see me as her girlfriend, ”said Shakira with a mischievous smile standing next to the Barcelona player.

Without half measures, the superstar always externalized the overflowing love she felt for Piqué, and she expressed it on that occasion, reflecting that she expected something more than a mere legal commitment with whom she had decided to be her partner.

The singer added other words to her real reason why she preferred to keep her marital status single. “It’s like a little forbidden fruit. I want to keep him alert. I want him to think that everything is possible depending on behavior, ”she assured.

The moment was propitious for the singer to remember the past and talk about how she fell in love with the player. The official song of the 2010 World Cup brought them together and it was there that the love that would later unite them arose.

“I wasn’t a football fan so I didn’t know who he was. But when I saw the video, I thought: Hmm, that’s kind of handsome. And then someone decided to introduce us, ”she recounted smiling.

Piqué’s reasons: “We don’t need to be married”

Although he was present, Piqué did not add any explanation to Shakira’s words. But just a month ago, the defender of the Spanish team, inexplicably He talked about his very personal reasons, for which he also chose not to ask her to marry him.

“I like how we are right now. We have two children, aged nine and seven. We are fine as a couple. We don’t have a need to be married,” he answered for the interview on The Overlap when she agreed to answer a questionnaire.

Former English player Gary Neville invited the Barcelona defender on his YouTube account, and he did not miss the moment to find out the reason for not marrying the singer. At the same time, he asked her what Shakira had said in 2020, about the “forbidden fruit”, to which she said: “It’s her mentality”.

In this way, the influential singer earned the title of “eternal bride”, a condition that remains in the past after the announcement that surprised millions of fans around the world. (AND)

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“I don’t want him to see me as his wife, I prefer that he see me as his girlfriend”: For Shakira it was not a simple whim not to marry Gerard Piqué and these were her reasons | People | Entertainment