“I get tired, I get angry”: Eduin Caz says how he copes with questions about his personal life and his past

Grupo Firme offered a press conference in Mexico City to talk about its three presentations. In addition to the tour, the press touched on personal issues and one of them was the past of Eduin Cazwho in December was involved in a controversy when it became public that he was unfaithful to his wife Daisy Anahy.

The vocalist of the group answered about how they prepare to cope with questions about their private life, as well as “the bad things” what they might have done in the past.

Eduin spoke bluntly and confessed to being “tired” of the subject, because the reporter was referring to the infidelity that was aired.

the past is past, it’s stepped on, we’re all human and that’s clear, don’t call it saints because they aren’t saints, everyone waters it, that’s ‘net’. None of the ball of cab… that they criticize are, so much so that he has to make false accounts to be able to be there, “he said, referring to the ‘haters’.

Obviously I get tired, obviously I get angry […] What has already happened, I already did it, it’s okay mother […] This topic has me up to here (points to forehead), overwhelmed, he has me up to the mother, what I did in the past I already did, I already lived it, I already buried it, I already talked about it. If things come out of the past, and? there they are,” she said bluntly at the conference, journalist Berenice Ortiz reported.

They tried to extort Eduin Caz

On December 11, 2021, the Grupo Firme vocalist showed his face through a video on social networks and clarified what happened after exhibiting his infidelity.

“About the video that is circulating on social networks, which I myself showed my wife years ago because the lady wanted to extort me with money […] I show the video to my wife, I solved the problems with my wife, I accepted my guilt.”

“That’s already in the past, she and I stepped on it, the detail is that here I don’t know why the lady takes it out right now, she says that threats are coming to her. that you want with your life, with your social networks, you already took it out, well, no way, “said the singer at that time.

Eduin referred to the alleged extortion at the press conference: “What do they want? fame, money? Take advantage of it too, take advantage of your moment, I take advantage of mine and so so, everything is over, that’s how I enjoy it right now,” he said. “The present is lived now and we are enjoying it, I receive it with a smile,” he added.


Stephanie Hernandez’s version

The young woman, who had sex with him, gave her version on her Tik Tok profile in December.

“In the year 2019, in the month of October, Grupo Firme came to my city, by then I was already talking a little bit, forming a friendship with one of the members with whom on the day of the concert he invited me to the ‘after'”.

The young woman from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua explained that there were several drunk “girls” and she was the only sober one. She assured that Eduin approached her and they began to talk, she also said she did not know that the singer was married, although she was aware that he had a son. “That night what happened happened,” said Stephaníe Hernández.

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“I get tired, I get angry”: Eduin Caz says how he copes with questions about his personal life and his past