“I hate her”: Yordi Rosado told why Christina Aguilera earned her scorn in ‘Otro Rollo’

In this promotional tour, the singer gave an interview in ‘Otro Rollo’ but unfortunately it was not a very pleasant experience for the members of this program, according to her Yordi Pink, who in addition to having his section ‘El Reportaje de Yordi Rosado’, was a producer of the show.

The television host was sincere on his podcast ‘De Todo Un Mucho’, a program he shares with Mexican actress Martha Higareda, and told how bad he had during the production of the episode with Christina.

“You saw it as everything was happy but I hate her”

Why does Yordi Rosado hate Christina Aguilera?

Yordi began his story with the following question: “Who is the artist who has fallen the worst to me in life?” and without giving the matter much thought, he answered “It’s Christina Aguilera.”

The television host reported that there was a couple of frictions with the singer that caused him not only to detest her, but also to almost cancel the episode of ‘Otro Rollo’ where she appears.

One of the situations that bothered him the most was related to a “chicharito”, a small hearing aid with which the production can say things directly into the ear to drivers, interviewees and more people who are in front of the camera.

In Christina’s case, the ‘chicharito’ was going to be used to translate the questions from Adal Ramones. However, when the singer learned that they were going to interview her in Spanish, she immediately showed her annoyance.

“I tell him ‘They will translate what the driver tells you’. He says’ What ?! Does the driver speak English?”

Yordi was surprised by Christina’s reaction and more when the singer expressed that she was sorry that her driver did not speak English.

When he heard this, the driver was already a bit upset. However, he tried to be as “cute” as possible and asked if he didn’t speak Spanish. Aguilera was supposed to understand a little of this language, since he was just promoting his album in Spanish.

At that moment, Yordi only felt that the singer wanted to take advantage of the Latin public. “You don’t even speak Spanish and Spanish is good for you, you just want our pesos and then convert it into dollars,” thought the driver.

After explaining again that occupying the ‘pea’ was the best way to keep the interview flowing dynamically, Christina reluctantly agreed. However, the problem with the ‘pea’ did not end there.

The ‘pea’ that made Christina Aguilera not want to talk to Yordi

When she was going to get this hearing aid, the singer flatly rejected it, as she wanted to get a new one. Yordi solved the situation with a pea in a new box but the singer, despite agreeing to occupy it, decided not to speak to the driver.

“He tells me, ‘I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to my people,’ and the wey next door,” said Rosado, who from that moment had to speak for a third party to communicate with Christina.

Christina finally took a production headset but the problem worsened when they wanted to put it on and she was rude to the audio technician, who stopped him cold and said ‘You don’t touch me’, according to Rosado.

Christina’s rudeness with the microphone player caused Yordi to get super angry, mainly because of the treatment that the singer had with someone from her production.

“It makes him ugly like that, as well as ‘filthy, take my hand away’…. No, no no, you don’t know I got like a beast.”

Christina’s actions caused even her manager to have to apologize for her and relax the atmosphere of tension that had been created, which was increased by a situation already with the cameras on.

The dynamic that Christina Aguile rejectedra that almost canchor the show of ‘Otro Rollo’

Back then, when Christina arrived in Mexico City, her bags had to be searched by customs – a normal and random search in this security filter at the Mexican airport. This situation caused that in ‘Otro Rollo’ they wanted to make a joke dynamic with an alleged lost suitcase of Christina Aguilera.

The plan was to have a suitcase with joke objects such as “a record by Paquita la del Barrio, a molcajete …” and more with which they were going to interact with the singer, who agreed to do the dynamics when they proposed it to her.

However, once they were filming, Christina changed her mind and refused to participate in the joke, a situation that caused Yordi to stop the show and express that it was canceled.

In the end, the manager begged them to continue the program and according to Rosado, it seems that they scolded Christina as well, who has finally collaborated. The show was recorded but for Yordi it was a really bad experience.

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“I hate her”: Yordi Rosado told why Christina Aguilera earned her scorn in ‘Otro Rollo’