“I have the worst part”: Héctor Soberón defends himself against Michelle Vieth’s accusations about the intimate video

Michelle Vieth was one of the most famous young actresses in Mexico in the late 1990s, thanks to her roles in soap operas such as ‘Dreamers’, ‘Friends and rivals’ and ‘Deceived Women’, just to name a few.

The Mexican in 2002 she married Héctor Soberón, with whom she starred in ‘My little naughty girl’ in 1997. Although her marriage dissolved two years later, things did not end well, because after her divorce an intimate video of her began to circulate and the actor was the alleged culprit.

Almost 20 years after living this bad experience, Michelle Vieth recalled how difficult it was and assures that, although she has no proof, she points out that the person responsible was her ex-husband. This was announced on November 7 in the program ‘La Intervista con Yordi Rosado’, where he stated that “they are two materials from two different times.”

“I have no other way than with the original video, but in the telenovela ‘My Little Traviesa’ I used a pair of pants that went over jeans, so in the first part I just bring those pants. The second part was our house. It was something he said to me: ‘Let’s do it, it’s fun, it’s different.’ He told me: ‘I deleted it’, but he saved it. And not only that, but he used two different videos and they made just one, it was done a single video, that’s the sad thing. “

What did Héctor Soberón say?

After leaving the interview on social networks, Hector Soberón He wanted to clarify things and in the program ‘Ventaneando’ he spoke about the accusations to deny them.

“They messed with my wife, insulted her on Instagram. I said: ‘It was already soft, I have to stop it’, but with facts and I’m showing it. When this started 20 years ago, I defended her, why continue with this? This does not put me wrong with my wife, on the contrary, it unites us more. “

The ‘Muchachitas’ actor assured that the man who appears in the video is not him: “He says he was 16 years old, he was born in ’79, in 1997, when the telenovela ‘My little mischievous’ came out, they are 18 years old; the first lie. The video is made with a person, I don’t know with whom, I’ve always said that it’s not me, I already refer the tests. At that time she had surgery, she was in a relationship with a guy from Acapulco. “

Defend your presumed innocence

“I have the worst part: I am the man. And the presumption of innocence does not exist in Mexico and it has not existed with me. I do not speak, I defend myself with deeds, not with words,” he declared in the show ‘Ventaneando’.

Michelle Vieth gives her version of the leaked intimate video and Héctor Soberón does not rule out legal proceedings

“Today, I am very calm, very relaxed. The lady has decided to say that she does not want to talk about the subject, however, she continues saying it. It is a pattern of conduct, she mentioned it four years ago and has continued like this.”

“I don’t hold a grudge against anyone. I can’t speak ill of her, because in the end she was my wife and if she spoke ill of her, I am going to speak ill of me.”

This was the romance of Héctor Soberón and Michelle Vieth

Michelle Vieth and Héctor Soberón met in 1997 when they worked together in ‘My Little Traviesa’ where they were both the protagonists.

According to the version of the actress in Yordi Rosado’s interview, she fell in love with Soberón at age 16 when he was 32 and they had a secret relationship due to their age difference, until he went to the actress’s family for ask his family to be his girlfriend.

When did you find out about the video leak?

The participant of ‘Mi Fortuna es Amarte’ told Yordi that the first time she was questioned about the leaked video was in the state of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, outside the court where she went to sign her divorce from Héctor Soberón.


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“I have the worst part”: Héctor Soberón defends himself against Michelle Vieth’s accusations about the intimate video