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“It’s the last video I’m going to make”, said Isabel Torres placeholder image to his more than 114,000 followers on the social network Instagram.

The spanish actress She was distressed and with difficulty speaking, because of the news she had received: the lung cancer that affected her since 2018 had metastasized to her bones.

towers, 52, is recognized for her appearances on the screen with programs such as ‘DEC’, ‘Channel N ° 4’ or ‘We go to the beach’. Recently, he was part of the cast of ‘Poison’, a series that crossed borders in 2020 thanks to the HBO Max platform.

His video exceeds 500,000 views and hundreds of netizens They have left messages of support. There he took the opportunity to thank his fans, friends and family.

“In principle, they have given me two months of life. Let’s see if I get through it very well. If I don’t get over it, what are we going to do? Life is so. (…) They don’t know what hurts me; pain is the worst thing I have, but it is what it is, “he said.

His name is also remembered in Spain for being the first transsexual candidate for the Carnival Reign of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. From there, it has been immersed in the activism and support for LGBTI + community.

“If I get out of this, I will reconnect. And if I don’t go out, it has been a pleasure to meet you, be with you and live this beautiful experience called life. I send you a huge kiss. Take care of yourselves and see you soon, God willing. If not, see you in heaven, “he concluded in his last appearance on social media.

According to him, he would enter the hospital to undergo further surgery.

Day to day with cancer

Torres revealed that he suffered Cancer in March 2020, but, according to the Spanish newspaper Heraldo, since 2018 she had been diagnosed.

She began to share in her social networks the medical routines that he had to follow, since he had to go to immunotherapy sessions.

It is worth remembering that lung cancer There is currently no cure, according to the specialized portal Medlineplus. Of course, this can be treated, precisely, with immunotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or chemotherapy.

“I am giving myself my session every six weeks. The doctor has told me the reality; this can last a long time and there I am fighting, “he commented in a video of Instagram during August 2020.

“Life is super beautiful. It seems like a lie, but we value it when we no longer have it or when we have little left. What a shame, that’s why you have to live to the fullest! ”, He added.

At the beginning of this 2021, the actress said that they should stop the treatment, because she had discomfort in your liver. However, he emphasized that it would be for a few days while he recovered from those ailments.

The situation did not seem to improve when his medication was changed in June this year.

“Now I am going to go bald, I am assimilating it because we have fought for a year and a half so that it does not happen, but the time has come,” he said and was hopeful for the new stage of his chemotherapy treatment.

In addition, he joked that he could go to false eyelashes and wigs to regain his appearance.

As the months passed, his condition deteriorated more and more. In fact, he shared videos and images in hospital rooms or on stretchers.

“They just put a tube down my esophagus to my lung. (…) I’m made gunpowder”, he said in a video posted last October. At the time he had said that he would undergo a treatment from the United States in order to cope with their situation.

However, in the last hours Isabel Torres placeholder image posted the one who called his last video.

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‘I have two months left’: The shocking message of an actress with a terminal illness – El Comercio