“I injured my only foot due to my lack of sensitivity”: Daniella Álvarez suffers an impressive injury after walking a lot during her stay in Ecuador | People | Entertainment

The recovery of Daniella Álvarez after suffering the amputation of part of her left leg, is the best example of human improvement. And during her visit to EcuadorThe former Miss Colombia shared with her followers how much she enjoys the country, but unfortunately a long walk left a serious injury to her only foot.

Accompanied by her inseparable boyfriend, Daniel Arenas, the model made it known a few days ago through some Stories on her Instagram account, which was in our territorytouring the tourist sites in a stay that left you with great emotions and experiences.

Before her departure, the beautiful influencer gave a few words in which she highlighted her infinite gratitude to this southern land.

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The incredible injury of Daniella Álvarez that affected her only foot

Daniella Álvarez is in the process of recovering her foot, which also suffered from the ischemia that took her to the operating room for amputation. And on that long journey, the actress had a mishap during her stay in Ecuador.

In some new stories, the model shared the serious blister she has on the sole of her right foot, the product of a long walk. She explained that due to her lack of feeling, she was not aware of the pain until she took off her shoe and saw the blood from her wound.

The image reveals the injury with broken and bloody skin, before being healed, at the moment he realized it, when he saw the sheets and the floor full of blood, he wrote in the image.

Minutes later, she posted a publication on her feed where she can be seen sitting in a wheelchair, next to Dan Arenas, starring in a tender kiss.

“As I told you, I injured my only foot from walking too much. Because of my lack of sensitivity I didn’t realize it and now I have to be patient, while skin comes out again (in a foot without sensitivity it is much slower) ”, he said, starting his explanation about what happened to his lower extremity.

He said that in order to heal, he will have to be in a wheelchair: “…and well, from this I draw several lessons, among them, the patience that I must develop day by day to understand so many things. In a daily training to my mind to make it stronger and stronger, ”she mentioned, being grateful in the positive for everything that life has given her.

She also highlighted how lucky she is to have a man as her boyfriend. “How fortunate to have a man who carries me without getting tired and who happily takes me for a walk,” he said, mentioning the great support that the actor represents in his life.

To say goodbye to Ecuador, Daniella Álvarez dedicated some stories on her networks, revealing how they treated her foot from the hotel where they stayed, which she also thanked for their care and treatment.


“We are very grateful to Ecuador, to its people, to its treatment,” said the actress, thanking the people who helped her with her injury, after sharing the story of her injury on her Instagram account. (AND)


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“I injured my only foot due to my lack of sensitivity”: Daniella Álvarez suffers an impressive injury after walking a lot during her stay in Ecuador | People | Entertainment