“I see it difficult”: Sergio Mayer assures that it is very difficult for Héctor Parra to get out of prison

Sergio Mayer will be sued for influencing the case of actor Héctor Parra.

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Last Wednesday October 27 Ginny hoffman She reappeared before the media during an appearance at the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office, where she was summoned along with her daughter Alexa as part of the criminal process they face against Hector Parra, and although at the time he preferred not to talk about the subject, the one who returned to share his opinion was Sergio mayer, who He assured that it is very difficult for the actor to get out of prison.

During an interview for the Imagen Televisión program ‘Sale el Sol’, the former Garibaldi came out again in defense of Ginny Hoffman and her daughter, who in recent days denounced Héctor Parra’s lawyer for allegedly having disclosed information of the case for sexual abuse and corruption of minors.

No need to speak, neither she (Ginny Hoffman) nor the lawyers, that’s the difference, it is litigated with the judge and it is litigated in the courts not in the media, contrary to what the defense is doing. The defense is litigating in the media and already committed several irregularitiesThat is why the complaint was made, ”he explained to the press.

And he reiterated that everything is going very well, so both the actress and her daughter do not have to talk about what is happening: “Neither Ginny nor Alexa nor anyone has to be giving any statement about what is happening there and so the case is going perfectly well“.

He also stressed that the lawyer José Luis Guerrero will have to pay the consequences for having leaked information with the media.

“They have wanted to divert and have taken information and have leaked information about what is happening and that is wrong. It is so bad that the complaint is there and you will have to face it and they will see what is going to happen ”, he added.

Confident that the actor is guilty of the aforementioned crimes, Sergio Mayer exposes that there is little probability that Parra will regain his freedom, as has become known in recent days, so he even mocked the legal team for requesting the extension of the deadline to continue providing evidence to prove the innocence of the actor.

“I’ve been listening to that for like 2 or 3 months, that now it is going to come out and that on September 1 and that the next. I honestly see it difficult, I see it complicated, I really see it very complicated because the folder is well integrated. There are enough elements for him to continue there and I had never heard that the lawyer who defends you asks for an extension so that you continue to stay in jail, “he added.

Sergio mayer He ended by revealing that he is about to make his debut as a youtuber, and it will be through his video channel where he will present his opinion on various topics, including the complaint for influence peddling from which he has nothing to fear: “I’m so calm , I don’t have to worry because the truth has always helped me and I have the elements to prove it ”.

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“I see it difficult”: Sergio Mayer assures that it is very difficult for Héctor Parra to get out of prison