“I thought she made the decisions”: Belinda’s makeup artist revealed what the singer’s mother is like

Since Belinda and Christian Nodal announced their separation, both artists continue to cause controversy and generate endless comments.

Recently the interpreter of Goodbye Love She was criticized because her mother caused controversy on social networks after applauding a comment in which a user calls Christian Nodal “naco”.

In that post, the user also expressed her wish that Belinda never resume her relationship with the interpreter of Bottle after bottle.

In response to that comment, Christian Nodal broke his silence and provoked a diversity of opinions after launching a strong message through his Twitter account and revealing a conversation she had with her ex-partner and launching a strong criticism of Belinda’s mother, whom she accused of using her daughter to obtain economic income.

After the new controversies, Belinda spoke about her love life and stated that at the moment she is not looking for a partner sentimental. However, the actress reappeared on social networks and published a video with a heart filter in which he is seen in the company of Argentine actor Guillermo Pfening on a beachfor which it again generated a wave of comments.

The makeup artist and her secrets

While some users defend Nodal and others Belinda, some have taken on the task of generating more controversy and recently revealed the comments of a makeup artist who worked with the actress.

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According to the professional makeup artist, who appears on TikTok as GaboPhotoBox, she posted two videos and recounted her experience working at an event Belinda participated in.

GaboPhotoBox said that the singer’s mother controls her in all aspects of her life, including work.


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The makeup artist reported that she was hired for the presentation of a Belinda collection and had to prepare all the models for the parade. In addition, she said that she thought that the actress and singer was the one who made the decisions, but she realized that she is actually “mama Beli”, the artist’s mother.

“I had always had a perception of her (Belinda) that she was confident, like what she projects, but it turns out that she is not,” said the makeup artist.

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“Mama Beli came and returned to the models,” added the makeup artist, who added that Belinda’s mother had the makeup of several participants corrected and even told the artist what to say and what to do.


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“We already had several models in advance and then Mommy Beli came in and she felt, as well as the silence. The Spanish lady, with a super personality, very polite, very pretty, well, she did come, and very serious, she checked everything and it was like that look I don’t like it, that doesn’t, that doesn’t go with it … I imagined that Belinda would do that, but no, it was her mother, “added the makeup artist.

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“I thought she made the decisions”: Belinda’s makeup artist revealed what the singer’s mother is like