“I was her lover”, says Livia Brito about Yordi Rosado

Cuban actress Livia brito surprised locals and strangers by confessing during a television program that he “was a lover” of the Mexican driver, Yordi Pink.

It all happened on Monday night, during the broadcast of the program “At Night Everything Happens with Yordi Rosado”, transmitted by Unicable, where the host addressed the issue of first love and questioned his guests, including Livia Brito, how they spent it when they ended that first love relationship.

Right away, Brito said that he cried a lot, but she was immediately interrupted by Yordi, with the humor that characterizes him.

“But I also told you, that’s how it will have to be”Yordi said using his good humor, which caused laughter among his guests, including Brito.

Livia Brito said she was very in love with Yordi Rosado

It was when Livia Brito, the protagonist of “The Heartless”She had no qualms about commenting that she was very much in love with the Mexican driver and began to remember what had happened at that time.

“Let me tell you that one of the loves that I have always wanted, but that has never paid attention to me in life and that I suffered and cried when he said no, is Yordi, really love,” said the 35-year-old Cuban actress, while the driver’s man touched.

Then the driver took up the topic and said that had had “a history” and that out of respect for the actress should not be told.

We had a story that the truth does not make me a father to tell it here, but … “, said Rosado.

But, Livia Brito said that for her there was no problem, since his story could be told, because at last that was already in the past.

“At first we both liked each other a lot, but we both had a partner,” recalled the driver, which was confirmed by the protagonist of “La Piloto”.

“I was her lover”

“I mean, we had a relationship and everything. In other words, I was his lover and… ”, assured Brito, immediately letting out a laugh, and I no longer continue with his anecdote.

That confession surprised those present, but without a doubt the most shocked with the statement was the Spanish driver and actor Pedro Prieto, who literally was left with his mouth open.

Prieto was another of the guests on the broadcast of “De Noche Todo Pasa con Yordi Rosado”, which airs on Mondays at 9:30 pm (local time).

Between hesitations and laughter, Yordi remembered that it was during a delivery of TVyNovelas awards, but he did not specify in what year, but commented that on that occasion Brito was nominated and won the award.

“Of course! When the TVyNovelas Awards were held … yes, they gave me the award and everything, if we went to the dressing room, remember, “said Brito, between laughter and mischievous smile.

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“I was her lover”, says Livia Brito about Yordi Rosado