“I would like the kings to bring her to my country” Will the “Cuban” fulfill the requests?

Livia brito He did not miss a special date for Mexicans and shared a recent photo in which he received a shower of reactions for the “Kings Day“the” Cuban “was shown with a flirty little skirt and tennis shoes.

In an extremely comfortable look, the actress, Livia brito, He dedicated a message to his faithful “aLIVIAnados” in one of his most recent postcards, on the occasion of “Three Kings Day”, the acclaimed figure on Instagram with became the most requested doll.

Let the little things be the important ones! Baby tell me what you expect the kings to bring you.


Livia Brito, with a skirt and tennis, would be a gift on Three Kings Day. Photo: Instagram Capture

The reactions were immediate for the “originally from Ciégo de Ávila“, whom his admirers showered with praise and praise in the postcard shared 22 hours ago, which accumulated 80. 463 I like it.

The interpreter of “Fernanda Linares”, in José Alberto’s recent melodrama “El Güero” Castro, “The soulless“, premiered in primetime in 2021, recently featured in a series of videos in which she appears captured, apparently in some photos for a magazine.

The one remembered for productions like “The Pilot“,” Doctors: Life Line “,” I love you, I love you “(2013-2014), Italian girl is getting married (2014-2015),” Abyss of Passion “(2012) among others, Livia Brito Pestana , appears standing with a trouser outfit and a large top with enough volume at the chest.

The “queen of tik tok“, who has gained huge popularity on the platforms, wears a simple hat and a short summer blouse that she paired with comfy matching sneakers.

“Always beautiful, I would like the kings to bring me Livia Brito to my country, Bella as always, So beautiful my love, My baby of light, You do not get tired of falling in love! What beauty, There is my beauty I wish you always be here with us because we will always be here for you, Bella, how beautiful. “

The admirers of the remembered reality presenter, “Dancing for a Dream“(2014), they were inspired and did not hesitate to post various messages full of affection for the 35-year-old artist, born on July 21, 1986.

Livia Brito Pestana, actress of plays such as “El Postero” and film tapes such as “Flying low” and “La Dictadura Perfecta”, has been distinguished by her frequent activity in the applications offering a very diverse content, from funny videos even some of her trips in which she has precisely appeared accompanied by her boyfriend and personal trainer, Mariano Martínez.

Livia Brito gives something to talk about again by appearing in a recent photograph that she shared from her Instagram account, the “Cuban” appears very hugged and with a very flirty skirt from the closet.

The “television actress”, Livia Brito, who recently appeared in “La Desalmada”, shared a new snapshot with her 6.8 million subscribers whom she modeled from the closet and in which she is much closer with her partner , Mariano Martínez.

Livia Brito’s personal trainer, who is also her sentimental partner, showed themselves together in a recent postcard in which the “native of Ciégo de Ávila” is surrounded by the waist while allowing herself to be captured from the intimacy of the interpreter’s closet by “Fernanda Linares”.

She is also remembered in productions such as “La Piloto”, “Medicos: Línea de vida”, “De que te quiero, te quiero” (2013-2014), Italian girl is getting married (2014-2015), “Abismo de Pasión “(2012) among others, is a celebrity of social networks.

Starting 2022 with everything !! It reads in the message in which he added the tag of @Yosmimariano.

Livia Brito Pestana, who also ventured as host of the reality show “Dancing for a dream” (2014), is a faithful assiduous exercise which lets her millions of fans whom she calls “aLIVIAnados” see the fruits of her fitness lifestyle.

From inspiring them with various training routines, the famous one born on July 21, 1986, shows the benefits that one of her favorite hobbies has brought her, something she shares and enjoys with her beau.

The actress of plays such as “The Postman” and film tapes such as “Flying low” and “The Perfect Dictatorship”, constantly shares a very diverse content with her followers, from funny videos to some of her trips in which she has precisely figuratively accompanied by her boyfriend.

The daughter of actor Rolando Brito and Gertrudis Pestana, was happy to welcome the New Year in which she was also surrounded by love.

It was undoubtedly a great year for the today “queen of Tik Tok” who, in addition to a great popularity on the platforms, enjoyed some trips and the resounding success of the telenovela produced by José Alberto “El Güero” Castro.

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“I would like the kings to bring her to my country” Will the “Cuban” fulfill the requests?