“I would love to be your dad”: Yordi Rosado confessed to having a ‘crush’ with Victoria Ruffo

Yordi Pink He has become one of the favorite television hosts for the fun and interesting interviews he conducts. In addition, now he also shares his content on social networks and the reception has been very flattering.

Recently, the producer also surprised his followers by confessing to Jose Eduardo Derbez that he has a ‘crush’ with someone very close to him.

Eugenio Derbez’s son had a talk with Yordi and the video was shared on the actor’s YouTube channel, which has more than one million subscribers.

The conversation started in a very pleasant way and the presenter asked Jose Eduardo Derbez about his age. The actor revealed that he is 28 years old, to which Yordi surprised said: “Don’t stain, 28? You are super small. I 48 we. I take you exactly 20 ”.

Upon hearing this, the interpreter replied: “You could be my dad.” At that moment, Yordi made a confession that left the young man speechless.

“I would actually love to be your dad. I have to accept that I always liked your mother ”.

An awkward silence followed, but the conversation continued and Jose Eduardo Derbez revealed that there are “crazy” days when he sometimes wakes up crying, upset or very happy. Later his sister Aislinn Derbez joined the conversation and they shared anecdotes.

Why did Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo separate?

The actors met in the late 1980s and married three years later (in 1992). Although everything started very well, years later the romance ended in court and both claimed custody of their son Jose Eduardo Derbez.

Victoria Ruffo found out that she lives with an illness thanks to José Eduardo: this is how her life changed

When Victoria got pregnant, she and the comedian made the decision to get married, but the actress allegedly felt cheated as they had a fake wedding.

For his part, Derbez assured that both agreed to a false wedding due to the harassment of the media, since at that time they were the most wanted couple.

In an interview with ‘People in Spanish’ the producer was also extremely clear when saying “it was not a fake wedding.” According to his version, it was a party they had.

“She used that later to take the child from me with a lawyer, they argued that I had cheated on her.”

The creator of the ‘P.Luche Family’, reported that he wanted to surprise his wife “because we had not married, I bought some wedding rings so that she had one and I another.”

“A friend wore a wedding dress that we tied with tape, Victoria wore jeans underneath, we ordered hamburgers.”

A judge awarded him custody of Jose Eduardo Derbez to Victoria Ruffo and for several years Eugenio could not see or approach his son. Subsequently, the actress stressed on several occasions that the comedian did not comply with the maintenance payment and was not interested in having contact with the child, which was denied by him.

Currently, José Eduardo shows on social networks that he has a good relationship with his two parents.

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“I would love to be your dad”: Yordi Rosado confessed to having a ‘crush’ with Victoria Ruffo