“I would never have been able to lay a hand on my mother, much less my brother”: Jhonier Leal did not accept charges

Mauricio Leal, Marleny Hernandez and Yhoiner Leal
Mauricio Leal, Marleny Hernandez and Yhoiner Leal

After a four-hour hearing to charge Jhonier Leal for the death of his brother, the renowned stylist Mauricio Leal and his mother, Marleny Hernández, the accused pleaded not guilty and assured that he is incapable of violating his relatives.

“Judge, I do not accept nor will I accept any imputation of charges. He would never have been able to lay a hand on my mother, much less on my brother, therefore, he accepted the charges,” Jhonier said.

The defendant denied being involved in the murder of his relatives after a representative of the Attorney General’s Office explained in detail the hypothesis that the accusing entity has of how the events occurred.

It was pointed out that on Saturday, November 20, at 9:59 pm, Mauricio Leal entered his home and an hour later his brother arrived at the residential complex, where he also lived. The next day, they had breakfast and spent part of the day together until Jhonier went out to a party from which he returned at 11:37 p.m.

Jhonier left the complex again on November 22 at 11:15 am According to the Prosecutor’s Office, during the early morning and the morning of that day, the brother and son of the victims would have committed the crime. It is presumed that the first to be attacked was Marleny.

“With the same knife that you attacked your mother, you attack your brother, with the misfortune that that knife remained embedded in the body of Mauricio Leal, to later make a long journey to the kitchen to bring another knife to generate certain injuries. and intimidate him into writing the found letter,” the prosecutor said.

In this process, the authorities also exposed as incriminating evidence that cleaning elements were found on the terrace of Jhonier’s room that, in general, were not left in that place. In addition, in the bathroom used by Jhonier Leal they found fresh human blood.

“On the terrace of your room we found a rag, the Fabuloso jar and the window cleaner, which has never been left there, according to the service employee. (…) When uncovering the pipe in the bathroom, where only you bathe, they found fresh human blood. The geneticist assures that it is human blood, ”revealed the prosecutor.

The guarantee control judge who led the hearing asked Jhonier if he understood the reasons why he was indicted, to which he assured that everything was “totally clear and understood”, and that is why he did not accept the statement.

Thus, Jhonier will continue in a process for the crimes of homicide aggravated by kinship, due to a state of defenselessness and cruelty, as well as concealment, alteration or destruction of evidence.

It is estimated that the penalty that Jhonier could pay, if found guilty, could be 43 years in prison. Likewise, he was reminded that the sentence could be reduced if he pleads guilty.


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“I would never have been able to lay a hand on my mother, much less my brother”: Jhonier Leal did not accept charges