“I’d put Natilla on her”: followers of Claudia Bahamón speculate that she would be pregnant

Claudia Bahamón at Discovery Home & Heath. (Colprensa).
Claudia Bahamón at Discovery Home & Heath. (Colprensa).

The pregnancy news of celebrities and celebrity couples have proliferated during 2021, when multiple personalities have made the decision to be parents. The rumor now focuses on Claudia Bahamón who gave a curious answer to those who asked her if she was pregnant after posting a photograph on social networks.

Bahamón has become one of the most beloved presenters on Colombian television, especially for the role she played during the reality MasterChef Celebrity of the RCN channel, of which it has been the host of the different editions.

She was caught up in the new maternity rumors among Colombian celebrities after posting a profile photo, which for some of her more than 4.3 million followers, seemed a clear indication of pregnancy. Rumors that were increased with the caption of “Good news”, which accompanied the image.

It is a profile photograph, in black and white, in which she seems unsuspecting. Due to the position, her belly appears to be larger than other images, prompting some of her followers to ask her if she was pregnant. Some congratulated her and celebrated the good news in the comments to the publication.

Claudia Bahamón
Claudia Bahamón

A few minutes after the publication, Bahamón wrote another comment to his own image in which he wrote: “I’ll call her CUSTARD”, joking that it would not be a new member of his family, but the excesses of food in the month of December.

Some close people also congratulated her and assured that they came to think that it was a new pregnancy due to the publication. Others followed the joke and asked him if he had eaten a lot of cheese, pandebono or achira, which are part of his favorite snacks as revealed in one of the MasterChef chapters.

In addition, although the publication was made on the night of December 28, it would not be a recent photograph, Well, I had already shared a photograph of that same session in some area of ​​the United States more than two weeks ago.

Claudia Bahamón She is 42 years old and married to the film director Simon Brand since 2004 whom she has described as her only boyfriend, with whom she has two sons: Samuel and Lucas. With them he spends Christmas under the snow these days.

“No matter how difficult these days are for the family, seeing them happy makes our hearts happy. Luca, as the fat man would say “you are a world champion who does not allow yourself to be frozen”, he recently wrote about the vacations he shares with his family.

Bahamón has told his followers that his relationship with Brand from the beginning was very special, because at that time she It was not visualized having a long distance relationship as it does today with other couples in the show.

“Simón lived in Los Angeles, so our means of communication was ‘Messenger’ and he called me every day on the newscast in the morning, he made his money on an international call”, while the character played by Omar Vásquez showed him a card when Bahamón was a model for Bellsouth (old cell phone company).

Now, the presenter enjoys spending time with her family and spending time with her children, while preparing new projects for the new year.


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“I’d put Natilla on her”: followers of Claudia Bahamón speculate that she would be pregnant