If looks could speak: this is how William and Kate Middleton remember their wedding at the Christmas concert

It has been ten years and eight months since they said ‘yes, I do’ and The flame of love is still very much alive in the Dukes of Cambridge. We checked it again at the Christmas concert recorded on December 8 at Westminster Abbey, where William and Kate Middleton remembered their wedding with romantic glances. The video has unleashed the madness of royals fans and has gone viral.

Let’s put ourselves in the situation, the couple is sitting on the benches of the majestic Westminster Abbey listening carefully to the recital, of which the daughter-in-law of Charles of Wales was the host and which will be broadcast on Christmas Eve on the chain ITV. Kate, elegantly dressed in her spectacular red catherine walker tie coat, and the prince, in a suit and tie combined with his wife’s look. At that time, the singer Elie Goulding, who was one of the guest artists with Leona Lewis, performs the song ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’. Suddenly, the prince turns his head towards his wife and gives her a knowing look, which she responds with a shy smile.

We all believe we have perfectly interpreted what is behind this gesture that has driven the networks crazy: both were remembering one of the most special moments of your wedding, held in the same abbey on April 29, 2011. Then, the British singer was one of those attending the link (she is a close friend of Eugenia de York) and the one in charge of entertaining with her voice the first dance of the already converted couple in husband and wife. Elie sang a live version of ‘Your Song’, one of the mythical themes of the great Elton John, and now he was performing again in front of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. So she is to blame for producing this priceless image. There is no doubt that Guillermo and Kate let their imaginations run wild to remember that magical moment without words.

This is just a preview of what can be seen on December 24 in the afternoon and who knows if we will attend more romantic moments between them. This Christmas concert has been very special for both of them and serves as a second anniversary celebration. For the first, in April, two new portraits of the marriage taken by photographer Chris Floyd in Kensington Palace. In them they appeared very affectionate and happy, dressed in matching blue. Kate, with her engagement ring in hand, which is one of the jewels that she almost always wears and that belonged to the late Lady Di.

Apart from the romantic touches that surround this Christmas concert, there are other considerations that make it important. Like the fact that it has marked the end of relations between the Windsors and the British public channel, the BBC, which has seen its competition take over broadcasting rights. The recent documentary on the Royal Household’s relations with the press He has opened a wound that is difficult to close.

Photo: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in a file image. (EFE EPA / Neil Hall)

This Christmas will be different for all members of the family, especially for Elizabeth II, for it is the first that she will celebrate without her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away on April 9 shortly before his 100th birthday. Surely her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be very aware of her so that she can spend them as happily as possible and there will be a memory for him. The queen will also not be able to enjoy the company of Prince Harry, his wife Meghan and their two children, as it seems that the Dukes of Sussex have no intention of traveling to England for the holidays and will remain in the United States, surrounded by their new circle of friends. We will have to wait until 2022 to see if the queen can finally meet in person little Lilibet Diana, who is already six months old.

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If looks could speak: this is how William and Kate Middleton remember their wedding at the Christmas concert