“İlk ve Son”: the reason why Özge Özpirinçci will not be part of season 2

What reason has to leave “İlk ve Son”? The Turkish actress, who became famous for giving life to Bahar in “Woman” (“Kadin”), has starred in the new series “İlk ve Son”, alongside Salih Bademci, but surprised her followers because she will not participate in season 2 The new production has been well received in Turkey and will no longer have its world star.

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The , translated into Spanish as “First and last”, Debuted on the small screen on August 18, through the platform BluTV. The plot revolves around a couple and their sentimental journey through 10 years, from when they met until when they decided to separate.

The actressHowever, he has decided to take another course in his life, especially linked to a fundamental change in his intimate side. In addition, he thanked the public for the great reception of his last job. He stressed that his success has been, above all, by history, which is very familiar and close.

The 35 year old artist, born in Istanbul, is clear that in at least two years she will be away from TV. At the moment, his followers can enjoy his recent work on “İlk ve Son“And in the movie”Bir Denizalti Hikayes “ (“An underwater story“), A production of Netflix.

Özge Özpirinçci is an actress and very active in her social networks. (Photo: Özge Özpirinçci / Instagram)


Özge Özpirinçci announced that it will not be a part of season 2 of the Turkish soap opera “İlk ve Son”. This was announced when they finished shooting the first installment.

The summer has been a bit busy on the sets. We just finished the first season of ‘First and Last’. There is a second season, but we will not be! “, stated the artist that, in addition, he had already expressed his desire to get away from the cameras.

The reason for remoteness momentary moment of the acting actress is solely to dedicate herself to enjoying her stage as a mother because she is currently pregnant and has revealed that the birth of his daughter it’s an important reason to put your work aside for now.

I have had to establish a point where I can stay a year or two out of my career because I have become very saturated with my work (…) I have reached the point of being exhausted during the filming of ‘Mujer’, and later with ‘Ilk sees they are’. I was exhausted“, said to Hürryet.


The Turkish actress has pointed out in an interview with “Hürryet” that she has thought of the name of Üzüm, whose meaning is grape in Turkish, for your daughter on the way. However, he said he has received a lot of resistance for this idea.

Everybody keeps telling me ‘don’t do this to your daughter Özge’, but I think it’s a good name. Also, Üzüm Yamantürk sounds good. I definitely got a negative vote for this name. I think I will secretly call my daughter Üzum “he told the aforementioned magazine


The news of the wedding between Özge Özpirinçci and Burak Yamantürk , who have a relationship of seven years, met thanks to the publication of a photograph of the actress’s friend, Tanem sivar. She uploaded a snapshot on her account at Instagram, which confirmed the rumors of a wedding between the television stars.

Sivar was the witness to the marriage for being the closest person that the Bahar of “Kadin” has in his friendly environment. She, in her publication, told him that she loved her and congratulated her on the step she was taking to start her family with her partner and her daughter who is on the way.

In this way, it was known that the already married couple had decided to say yes at the altar before the arrival of their baby. From the images and information on Turkish portals, it was learned that the wedding would have been with no more than 20 people and following all the cares for him coronavirus.

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“İlk ve Son”: the reason why Özge Özpirinçci will not be part of season 2