“I’m going to be a mother of twins”: Amara ‘La Negra’ announces that she is pregnant

The afternoon of this November 4 Amara ‘La Negra’ announced that she is expecting twins, will be a single mother and is four months pregnant. The hostess of the mansion of Nuestra Belleza Latina shared that his doctor suspects at first her pregnancy was of triplets, but in July he lost one of the babies.

However, she said to herself happy and nervous about becoming a mother, although it is something that she did not plan at this time in her life, because professionally she is very busy, she has not even begun to prepare the house for the arrival of the children. babies, nor has he chosen names.


Amara ‘La Negra’ would have triplets

The businesswoman, model and singer of Dominican origin gave the exclusive to People en Español, where she shared that in july he had a bleeding which was probably the moment when he aborted one of the embryos.

“What is suspected is that they were triplets and one was lost because the time was too tight. I lost one and it was a three-week bleed,” he said. Amara pointed out that during the recordings of one of her projects “I felt nauseous that I thought that the food was not good for me”, but her “instinct” as a woman told her to take a pregnancy test.

Amara explained that when they went for a medical check-up they discovered that ” the gestational bag (it was empty), that’s when it was understood that (the embryo) left. So it is suspected that they were triplets, it is difficult to say now because she had a lot of bleeding and was very sore. “

Although she had no plans to become a mother at this stage of her life, she considers that it was a sending from God: “I was not looking for it, one as an empowered woman looks for her job, her goals. I am a very ambitious and focused woman. […] But I always said: “If God gives it to me, Amen, it’s already decided”.

The news was not easy to digest, as she considered that she was not ready to change diapers: “They say that instinct will guide me. It took me about two days to process what had just happened, well, if God gave it to me now it is because he believes that I am ready, that I can. I was encouraging because at first it was a lot of fear “, confessed to People in spanish.

Amara will be a single mother: “I woke up pregnant like the Virgin Mary”

The model conceived her children as a couple, but reported that she will be a single mother: “In my case, I woke up pregnant like the Virgin MaryI woke up pregnant and that’s all I remember. “

Although Diana Danelys De Los Santos, her real name, will become a mother, she does not close herself to love: “I understand that father is not the one who begets, he is the one who raises. In due course, if God gives me the blessing of finding the right man, who supports me, who accepts me with my children, well, well received. “

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Amara ‘La Negra’ was raised by a single mother

Having her children alone does not scare her, because her mother, Doña Ana María Oleaga, did so: “There is a part of me that makes me feel more focused, stronger. I know that my babies are going to depend on me.”

Her mother was the last person to whom she gave the news and she was surprised, but she has supported her at all times: “That my children are going to give me encouragement, they are going to get that (desire) out of me to continue fighting. She tells me that I focus on my children, may she be the best mother possible, to teach my children how to work. My mom raised me so well that I want her to raise them for me, “he laughed, the magazine reported.

The model is four months pregnant and has already begun to see the physical changes that she is still not getting used to, having recently lost 60 pounds.

“As I lose weight and now see this transformation, my hips are widening, my bottoms are getting plump again, my breasts are already filling up. I stay slim, but my body is changing. It’s kinda weird to see myself in the mirror now that they’re starting to kick their kicks, I’m already feeling them. “


She also said some of the discomforts that pregnancy has brought her: “I have a lot of nausea, heartburn, a lot of sleep, I sleep wherever I want, a lot of fatigue. With everything and everything, I feel very happy.”

Amara ‘La Negra’ will continue to enjoy the process and will not leave her professional projects. We currently see her as a presenter on Nuestra Belleza Latina, but she will also continue with her podcast and in December she will premiere a ‘talk show’.

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“I’m going to be a mother of twins”: Amara ‘La Negra’ announces that she is pregnant