“I’m not afraid”: Lupillo responds to Juan Rivera and reiterates that “all” his family “received checks”

He also explained that when his famous sister was alive, he came to borrow money to buy the house he has in Temecula, California.

Lupillo and Juan Rivera: the confrontation before the conflict over Jenni’s fortune

On the night of Friday, January 7, Juan Rivera did a ‘live’ on his Instagram account in which he reacted to the exclusive interview that Lupillo gave hours before in The fat and the skinny.

The singer said an alleged $ 80,000 embezzlement by someone close to her Aunt Rosie was found and that she had knowledge of that “robbery”. In addition, he exhibited that his uncle Juan is asking for 300 thousand dollars.

Faced with this scandal, Lupillo said in The fat and the skinny: “Now that they want to ask their nephews for money to be there, that has no mad … the net“He also assured that Juan Rivera’s children had a salary from the companies.

Hours later, his younger brother reacted and said that Lupillo spoke “without knowing” and summoned him to show evidence. He accused him of having perpetrated alleged “abuses” not only against him but also against Jenni Rivera and mentioned the existence of an alleged letter in which she details those events.

Lupillo Rivera does not keep anything and responds to his brother

‘El Toro del Corrido’ reiterated that it was through his daughter Ayana that he learned that the family of his brother Juan received a “salary” supposedly coming from the companies of the late Jenni Rivera.

According to him, about “6 or 7 years ago”, Ayana discovered a supposed check in the name of Divina, Juan’s daughter, from one of Jenni’s companies: “La morra opens it in front of my daughter and there she sees and says that It’s a check made out to him. Ah bastard! “

“And my daughter (asks him): ‘Well, what are you doing there, what are you working on?’ (Divina replied) ‘No, it is that we all get checks, my mom, my dad, my uncle Abel (Rosie’s husband), my carnal, so-and-so, mangano, mangano and mangano, “said Lupillo.

“This is how I realized that,” the singer reiterated, “and I did not invent it, I can’t verify it, that’s what I saw, that’s what they told me “.

Lupillo clarifies the alleged mistreatment of Jenni Rivera

The singer also addressed the issue of the existence of the alleged letter that Jenni wrote and in which, according to Juan Rivera, he related alleged mistreatment and abuse to which he was subjected by Lupillo.

“I have never blocked anyone”, defended himself. Lupillo allegedly stopped Jenni and her siblings from running, but he claimed that he always did what he could to help them: “I did it because they were just my brothers.”

“I put Juan in, I put Gustavo in the first Gibson concert, I helped everyone, I helped everyone“, he assured.

Lupillo reveals that he did borrow money from Jenni to buy a house

In the ‘live’ that Juan Rivera posted on the night of Friday 7, he mentioned that Lupillo Rivera knew “how he bought the Temecula house”: “I know it too”, revealing that there was allegedly something behind that involved Jenni.

On that, the singer confirmed that in order to acquire it, he asked his famous sister for a loan: “This house, if not sold in 30 days, was going to go to foreclosure and we were no longer going to be able to grab it” .

“I dialed Jenni (and said): ‘ Jenni, lend me $ 250,000 to put the ‘down payment’ (deposit) in this house and when I sell (the one in) Playa del Rey I’ll pay you ‘”, said the singer and, according to him, “the bill was paid” to her sister.

Lupillo said that he wanted to comment on this issue since his brother has announced a press conference for this Monday, January 10: “That he says that thing, that’s wrong, that’s wrong, and I tell you, he wants to flip the roll, his plan is to turn it around. “

“A while ago I received a call from the same team as his, about the plan that they bring in the press conference and I am going to go ahead because then I don’t want to go out to ‘you are defending yourself’, no, but what he wants to do is not correct” , the singer pointed out.


Lupillo asks that his ex Mayeli Alonso be consulted

The interpreter urged fans and the media to that they look for his ex-wife Mayeli Alonso, from whom he divorced in 2019, to ratify the version that he has given, because according to him she is “the right person” to talk about the issue.

“I tell people to the media, ask her how was the roll, she is the right person“, he assured,” she lived all that “.

“If I try to defend myself, I look bad, I don’t like to see myself like that,” he said, ” I’m not afraid, but I do not like to put myself in that position, it is not my style, but this time I see that they want to turn the fart, you are wrong compa. That is also a bad example for the children. “

Lupillo also talks about his sister Rosie

Now, Chiquis points out that “she was not honest” for not having acted in a timely manner in the face of the alleged embezzlement that occurred in one of the companies by “someone very close” to her.

“My sister Rosie was a daughter to me“, said Lupillo,” he forgot. I walked Rosie down the aisle because she told me and the other half was my ‘dad’. I do not know what happened?“.

“If my carnal Juan is comfortable with what he is going to do […] And with what he said he’s going to do on Monday and all that, go ahead ‘compa’. I do leave it to God because God does not miss one or anyone. I do fear God“.


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“I’m not afraid”: Lupillo responds to Juan Rivera and reiterates that “all” his family “received checks”