“I’m terrified”: Ana Lucía Domínguez showed what the babies they use on television are like

Photo: Instagram @analuciado
Photo: Instagram @analuciado

‘Who killed Sarah?’ is one of the most successful Netflix series in Latin America, as its cast has featured international actors, such as Manolo Cardona, Carolina Miranda, Gines Garcia, Claudia Ramirez and Ana Lucia Dominguez.

In fact, the Colombian who gives life to Sofía de Lazcano in this story, surprised in recent hours by revealing one of the best kept secrets of the production: the babies they use to perform certain scenes.

Contrary to what anyone might think, Currently it is not necessary to have real babies on the set, considering that technological advances have allowed exact replicas to be createdlike the one that Domínguez used to represent his character’s newborn son in the scenes.

“This is my baby… I just gave birth to him, what do you think? (…) What I’m showing you is a doll, but it doesn’t look like it, not even in person. She has eyelashes and shiny lips as if saliva were coming out. Believe me, I’m terrified! He even has tears and look at his hair… Incredible!” Ana Lucía Domínguez recounted as she showed what seemed to be a real human.

The reactions of his followers did not take long to arise, as they were also surprised by the false baby and expressed that they never considered this technique, which prevents a small child from affecting the development of the recordings and, in turn, from getting sick from contact with strangers.

“It looks like a sleeping child, how strange!”, “I could swear that it has a life of its own”, “it looks so realistic that it’s scary to hold it in your arms” and “being a mom looks good on you”; were some of the comments he received.

It is worth mentioning that Domínguez enjoys great recognition among the Latino public, not only for appearing now as a Netflix star, but also for his participation in successful series such as ‘Pasión de gavilanes’, ‘Señorasteel’ and ‘Nicky Jam: The winner’ .

See here the video of the babies that are used on television:

Ana Lucía Domínguez and the fake babies on television

Netflix confirmed that the third season of the series will arrive on June 1 in its catalog and gave a look at the new faces that will reach the main cast, such as the renowned artist jean reindeer, who appears in the new published photographs. Undoubtedly, more surprises, narrative twists and new elements are coming that mark the style of the suspense series created by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela.

The production premiered on March 24, 2021 and, two days later, the company decided to renew it for a second season, which arrived on May 19 of that year. While now this series is considered as one of the most popular non-English speaking television projects on the service streaming globally (Season 1 garnered over 266 million views in its first 28 days).

“I am pleasantly surprised with this success that Who Killed Sara has had, we were in Mexico last year recording the first season and in April the pandemic began and the recordings stopped, at that time we thought that the recordings were going to stop one day. month or fifteen days, but we never imagined that we were going to be in the house for so long, after four months, when Netflix started to see the material, they decided that when we resumed the recordings we were going to continue straight with the second season, because they knew or they sensed that this was going to be a success”, Ana Lucía Domínguez expressed in an interview with El Espectador.

As to jean reindeerFrench actor known for his leading roles in The perfect assassin and A French policeman in Japanit is known that he joined the cast with the actress Rebecca Jones. They will have novel roles that will be added to the past and the present, from where the investigation takes place several years after the events.


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“I’m terrified”: Ana Lucía Domínguez showed what the babies they use on television are like