In the midst of tears, Galilea Montijo pleads for the attacks against her to stop

Galilea Montijo appeared in a video released from his Instagram account crying and begging for the comments against him to stop after it was reported that he had an alleged romantic relationship with the drug trafficker Arturo Beltrán Leyva, who died on December 16, 2009 in a confrontation with the Mexican Navy.

Visibly affected by everything that has been said about her in recent days, the driver began her message by saying: “For you who follow me, who know me, and have seen me grow for more than 28 years, and I truly consider you, part of my family. They have seen me laugh, cry of sadness, and many more of happiness, always conducting myself with a professional demeanor and, above all, strictly complying with our laws. This and a lot, but a lot of work, has allowed me to get ahead in a complex environment. With great pride I have raised my parents and my brothers. Now, in addition, I have a family to care for and protect, and a place in this environment, in the culture of effort ”.

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Galilea Montijo / Courtesy

Later, Montijo assured that her husband is a man of integrity and honesty. “Too many defamations have hurt me throughout my career, and of course they will continue to hurt.. It hurts me to name and affect so much my husband, who is an impeccable and hardworking man, besides being a great dad and companion. Of course to my family, my social circle, and the company I work for and it has given me so much […]. My husband has never been a substitute for deputy Tonatiuh González Case, in the Mexico City congress, or in any other congress, my husband stopped working in the Atizapán city hall, because he decided to undertake new professional challenges. Now he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Mexican Radio Broadcasting Industry and now he is collaborating in the making of a documentary on Femicides in Latin America to warn about the gender violence that stalks us daily ”.

Immediately afterwards, the Mexican presenter dissociated herself from any type of illicit act with her colleague and friend Inés Gómez Mont. “I do not have and have not had any improper relationship, much less business with the Puga Gómez family.”

He also stressed that his sister was able to obtain her freedom thanks to the help of the San Ángel television station’s legal defense. “My sister Paola came out of an unfortunate and unfair criminal process with the help of the legal officer from my company for which I work, I owe no one else to support my family, only to our legal and the directors of my company, and this is recorded in papers with the name of the lawyer ”.

Finally, Galilea Montijo implored: “I ask and I really beg you, stop the attacks on me, over so many years, I will no longer go into anything on this topic, or on any topic related to any scandal, I hope you understand it and also the colleagues of the press, and also respect it. I have always been silent and I have endured, I have been accused in many ways without proof, I am a very hurt family mother, a woman and I feel devastated and very hurt, a woman who has been a hard worker since I was 14 years old, these issues A legal office will have scandals and I will not touch on any issue related to any of these issues, and of any other scandal, I will continue working as usual […] I will continue fighting for my family, for my happiness and theirs, sorry to see me like this, but the truth is too much, forgive me. Thank you for listening to me and God bless you ”.

Galilea Montijo / Mexico Agency

Galilea Montijo / Mexico Agency


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In the midst of tears, Galilea Montijo pleads for the attacks against her to stop