In the midst of the separation from Wanda Nara, Maxi López and his girlfriend strengthen their relationship: they get married and will they be parents?

Maxi López and Daniela Christiansson

In May Daniela Christiansson had her birthday and her boyfriend, Maxi López, Wanda Nara’s ex-partner, gave her a very special gift: he gave her a ring and proposed to her. Five months later and while his ex, Wanda Nara, defines her sentimental future with Mauro Icardi, the couple are preparing their mouths and the Swedish model aroused pregnancy rumors.

Taking advantage of your stay in Paris, where the couple rents an apartment and in those days they are taking care of his children with the businesswoman, Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto, Daniela started looking for wedding dresses and shared posts on Instagram.

Thus, in her Instagram stories, she shared the image of a lace fabric and tagged a clothing designer, hinting that it is the genre with which she will make her dress. But in addition, he added to his publication a survey from which he raised doubts, is it mom?

Daniela's post, Maxi López's girlfriend
Daniela’s post, Maxi López’s girlfriend

Team? ” (Team?) Wrote in his survey along with the emojis of a girlfriend and a pregnant woman. Fifty-nine percent of his followers voted for the icon of the woman in a white dress and less than half bet it was a baby on the way.

In recent months, the relationship between Maxi and Wanda, who always accused each other – he said that she would not let him see the children and she that he did not pay the fee – improved notably. Even after learning that she was in crisis with the PSG footballer, He made himself available and offered to take care not only of the children they have in common, but also of her daughters with Icardi, Francesca and Isabella.

On Monday, after the Rosario traveled to Milan to look for the largest of the Nara, he wente López who withdrew the five boys from school and cared for them until the couple returned to Paris and took care of the girls. Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto continue in charge of Maxi and Daniela and during the last hours he shared images on his networks of family meals and games with the boys.

Meanwhile, Mauro and Wanda’s emotional status is still unknown. Although she in dialogue with Yanina Latorre assured that they are in the same house but separated, he published a photo of them together and a text that refers to a reconciliation. “Thank you, my love, for continuing to trust this beautiful family. Thank you for being the engine of our lives. I love you. How much it hurts to hurt your loved ones. You only heal when you have the forgiveness of those you hurt “, wrote.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi
Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

“I’m living hell”The businesswoman told Yanina Latorre on the phone, through tears. The panelist from Los Angeles de la Mañana, said: “She is desperate for what they say: that she asked him to upload the posts. She doesn’t want me to talk to her. “He uploaded the photos, asked her for forgiveness on his knees, but she still did not forgive him. She is adamant that they are separated. It does not matter to him that they are in the same house.

In the last hours, Eugenia Suárez broke the silence through her networks. “What is happening today has a much bigger and deeper story behind it, from which many women will surely feel identified,” he said.I have had to relate to men who I have always believed their words: that they were separated or separated and that there were no conflicts, he continued.

“I am not going to take responsibility for myself and for all the women who are always used and judged the attitudes of serial conquerors that these men have learned and that later they know well to hide”He said in another passage in his long text.


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In the midst of the separation from Wanda Nara, Maxi López and his girlfriend strengthen their relationship: they get married and will they be parents?